Happy Birthday America and ClickTale’s First Press Release

Webmasters Can Watch What Visitors Do with AJAX-based ClickTale
July 4, 2006

Unlike traditional web analytics that produce only pure statistics, ClickTale (http://www.clicktale.com/) gives webmasters the ability to watch movies of users’ individual browsing sessions. Every mouse movement, every click and every keystroke are recorded for convenient playback. With ClickTale, webmasters can improve website usability, enhance navigation, and increase website effectiveness.

In addition to movies, ClickTale provides a unique set of statistics that address important usability questions. For example, the “Percent of Page Viewed” statistic can answer “how much of the webpage did users see and how often did they scroll to the webpage’s bottom?” and the “Active Browsing Time” statistic can answer “how long did users actively browse a webpage, as opposed to just having an open inactive browser?” And there is much, much more…

ClickTale is a hosted service, so no installation is needed on the server-side or client-side and setup takes only a few minutes. Webmasters add a small piece of javascript code to their webpages. The javascript collects browsing data and transmits it to the ClickTale servers for processing. ClickTale creates movies of browsing sessions almost instantaneously and webmasters can log-in securely at anytime to view these movies.

Just as a store manager visually monitors his customers’ shopping habits, ClickTale gives website owners the ability to watch their visitors browsing habits. Only authorized website personnel can watch their website’s recordings. No activity is recorded outside of the webpage: no personal files, no internet history, no interactions with locally installed software, and users are not tracked between websites. Inside the webpage, passwords are never recorded.

ClickTale will include novel analytical capabilities that will aggregate millions of customer’s recordings providing them with a unique global perspective. ClickTale is currently running a closed beta, visit http://www.clicktale.com/ to learn more.


The ClickTale Team

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