Eating Your Own Dog Food

As you have probably guessed, we have been using our own service from day one and have collected quite a lot of data over time. We have been analyzing our “Signup to Beta” page and decided to share some interesting results with you.

As you know, we record the browsing actions that take place on a webpage. This information allows us to make “movies” of page-sessions, as well as analyze accurate activity timing, clicks and attention information.

Below you will find two charts that were generated from a statistical subset of recordings. The first chart shows the distribution of users by the actual interaction time with the webpage (our ActiveTimeâ„¢ statistic), separating users into those who decided to submit the form and those who decided not to. The second chart shows the distribution of the number of text characters typed by users.

ClickTale Website -     Submitted vs. Dropped by ActiveTimeâ„¢
This chart demonstrates that the average ActiveTimeâ„¢ spent on this page is about 70 seconds. However, there is a clear difference between users who submitted the form to those who did not. Users who submitted the form spent an average of 98 seconds on the page, while those that did not submit the form, only spent an average of 36.6 seconds.

ClickTale Website -     Submitted vs. Dropped by Key Strokes
This chart demonstrates that most visitors type between 25 to 100 characters to submit the form and the actual average is 81.5.