ClickTale’s Crazy Web Analytics Contest

Update: The Contest is now officially Closed (February 1, 2007). We received over 100 entries and we plan to review them carefully over the next few days. We will inform the winners later this month. 

Today, we would like to announce the launch of ClickTale’s Crazy Web Analytics Contest, your opportunity to get the web analytics you always wanted. We are opening up this competition to give you an opportunity to sound your voice and tell us the type of information you always wanted to know about your web visitors. 

Specifically, imagine you could track thousands of visitors and millions of page events. How would you aggregate this information? What kind of statistics would be useful to you? What types of reports or visual maps would you like to see?

We will pick the best ideas and work with the winners to make their dreams become a reality. The winners will be awarded with VIP Beta Accounts which includes an invitation to join the ClickTale beta program immediately without waiting for their turn, as well as access to specially-made custom reports.

ClickTale collects data about every mouse position coordinate and timing, every mouse click coordinate and type, every scrolling action, and every keyboard key entry.  How would you aggregate all this data? Here are some ideas that may inspire you:

  1. fold sm ClickTales Crazy Web Analytics ContestA report analyzing where the page fold is located.
  2. 343271235 c4742e78de t ClickTales Crazy Web Analytics ContestA report indicating how visitors are resizing their browsers upon arriving at a website.
  3. 343264507 70bf9b9a74 s ClickTales Crazy Web Analytics ContestA heat map of visitor attention based on scroll-bar location.
  4. 250395889 428465837a t ClickTales Crazy Web Analytics ContestA heat map of mouse clicks.
  5. 344020326 b3c32f7a1b t ClickTales Crazy Web Analytics ContestA visual map of average mouse movements across a webpage.
  6. Statistical clustering of users based on behavior attributes and displaying a representative user from each group.

The rules for participation are simple:

  1. Go “crazy” with your ideas, we are looking for unique and innovative suggestions.
  2. Send your ideas to
  3. The best submissions will be declared winners and awarded VIP Beta Accounts.
  4. Updates about the Contest will be posted below.

Good luck,
The ClickTale Team

Because Every User has a Story

Legal Disclaimer: By emailing, contest participants agree to provide their ideas to ClickTale for no compensation and grant ClickTale all rights to utilize the submitted ideas in any manner deemed appropriate by ClickTale. Contest winners will be selected by the ClickTale team and offered to join the ClickTale beta program. All contest participant information will be kept confidential unless authorized by the participant.