Finale – Crazy Web Analytics Contest

We have finally finished going over all the submissions that we have received in the past month. Great stuff! There were some really unique submissions, as well as many similar ones. We chose five (5) submissions based on their creativity, value and practicality to be the official contest winners.

The judging was not objective, so don’t worry if your idea was not selected as one of the winners. As promised, the winners will receive VIP accounts. In addition, we have decided to send regular invitations to the ClickTale service to all of you who have submitted a meaningful idea. Thank you for participating!

And now to the winners:

  • Stephen Wald from  – for an idea about mouse movement analysis.
  • Adam Lewis from – for an idea about page entry/exit analysis and advanced filtering.
  • Derek Rogerson from – for an idea about link analysis.
  • Torstein Sorlid from – for mouse distance measurement.
  • Anonymous (did not get name release in time) – for an idea about form analysis.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated!