Case Study: Rotating Signature and BABEHQ

July 31, 2007

“Knowing how a user interacts with your website can be of enormous value!”

- T. Hambach, Founder

A Google search for web analytics services brought T. Hambach to ClickTale.  While he has tried a number of other web analytics packages, he credits ClickTale with having isolated the quirks that would give his websites added functionality.

Hambach uses ClickTale on two of his sites —, a service that offers forum users a means of randomly changing their signature every time they post, and, an adult-content site. The two sites host a combined 1,450 visitors per day.  Through using the playback function over the period of a couple of months, Hambach began to understand his users and their needs in a different way. He reoriented his sites to reflect the way that users tend to navigate through them, which resulted in an increased number of pages visited.  “Knowing how a user interacts with your website can be of enormous value!” he enthuses.

Friends of Hambach have already signed up for ClickTale, based on his recommendation. He even recommended it to his employer, who has begun to use it too.

Case Study: House of Seats

July 24, 2007

“I think every website should use ClickTale to improve usability and user experience. I already recommended this service to all of my colleagues!”

- Yuval Barkai, CEO is a large web-based ticketing operation for sport, concert, and theatre tickets. They deliver tickets with a secure and easy purchase experience. Yuval Barkai, CEO of, joined the ClickTale closed beta on May 14, 2007 and has benefited significantly from the service.

Mr. Barkai used ClickTale to watch hundreds of visitors browse his website. He noticed that visitors browse his site in an inefficient manner; when receiving ticket results, visitors tend to scroll down and then back up to change the ticket criteria. By adding the search criteria at the bottom of the results, was able to reduce the number of round-trips inside the page.

Visitors tend to seek multiple events for the same team during a given sport season (football, basketball, etc). The ClickTale recordings revealed that visitors were having a hard time finding all the relevant tickets, as they were unable to be sorted by team. The website layout was redesigned to reflect this consumer need. It became more intuitive and easier to use. This simple change resulted in an increased conversion of 10% of team sports ticket purchases by visitors who might have otherwise given up their intended purchase because of a difficult search experience.

The changes initiated by Mr. Barkai and aided by ClickTale improved’s usability, increased conversion rates, and turned browsing visitors into paying customers.

Nielsen NetRatings Confirms: Pageviews are Dead, Long Live Engagement Timeâ„¢

July 11, 2007

Nielsen NetRatings’ newly released ‘total minutes’ metric measures a site’s popularity based on how many minutes a page was open.  The new release is an improvement over the old ‘page views’ metric which does not take into account the duration of time for which a page was open on a user’s computer. Though an improvement over the older system, ‘total minutes’ does not take in to account the coffee and bathroom breaks of it’s human users. How often have you dropped whatever you were doing on line to go scavenging for food, or to run to the appointment you’ve forgotten about? In our case, it happens every day. Obviously, these sorts of incidents have the potential to skew the results significantly.

Enter ‘Engagement Timeâ„¢’, the technology employed by ClickTale’s analytics. Engagement Timeâ„¢ values the time a user has spent interacting with a page, rather than just the amount of time a page has been left open. Even if you haven’t left your desk chair all morning, there is a pretty good chance that you’re surfing three, four, or even more sites at the same time. Maybe you’ve left something running on your screen to share with a colleague who’s out to lunch. Maybe you were the kind of kid whose mother had to remind them to put away whatever toy you were playing with before taking out a new one. Even though you finished reading the New York Times online edition before your coffee break, you may have neglected to close that window while working with another program.

ClickTale, being aware of this phenomenon, and sensitive to the obstacles it poses, began including Engagement Time™ technology in their recording services more than a year ago. Using Engagement Time™ as a part of ClickTale produces more accurate and meaningful results than any other metrics system on the market.

So go ahead and signup for ClickTale, you can even take a coffee break in the middle of the process. We don’t mind icon wink Nielsen NetRatings Confirms: Pageviews are Dead, Long Live Engagement Timeâ„¢ .

Case Study: Passport Software, Inc.

July 10, 2007

“ClickTale has allowed us to build a profile of our visitors that has shown us complexities we never knew existed. They are like the Sigmund Freud of the web analytics industry.”

- Ben Kuikman, Creative Marketing Specialist

Passport Software, Inc. specializes in business accounting software and serves over 10,000 customers through a network of 250 partners worldwide. Their current site, created about four years ago, is used mostly as an information portal for their distributors and end users.  It receives between 150 to 200 hits per day.

Ben Kuikman, Creative Marketing Specialist at Passport, first read about ClickTale through a review published on TechCrunch, a web 2.0 blog. He is currently running the ClickTale service on nearly twenty of his most visited pages. He found ClickTale’s setup to be an easy and a smooth experience. Although he has only been using ClickTale for a few weeks, it has already revealed some new information about his site; Surprisingly, the pathways that visitors use to navigate his site and the depth to which they browse proved to be much greater than he’d originally thought. More importantly, ClickTale’s heatmaps have shown him that 65 – 100% of his users –an unusually high amount–  actually scroll all the way to the bottom of his longer webpages. Heatmaps, he says, also have allowed him to see what sections are the most read on the page.

Although is not a site that engages in sales, Kuikman projects financial benefits from the use of ClickTale. The data gleaned from watching visitor movies, he explains, will save the company costly decision making time with the future redesign of their site as the evidence for the changes they need to make will be quite apparent from the footage. Robin Forde, marketing manager, says that the company intends to use ClickTale on the new site as well in order to monitor its navigability and usability.

ClickTale’s advantage, according to Kuikman, that it is “a qualitative kind of analysis which you don’t really get anywhere else. It’s a different perspective to see how those pages are browsed rather than that they are just places that people showed up on.”  He is also enthused by the surprises that ClickTale’s analytics reveal about the demographics of his viewers. Jokingly, he and Robin share that the higher the screen resolution of their users, the more tech savvy they seem to be. Passport, it seems, has derived all that they had bargained for as a result of using ClickTale– and a little extra to boot!

Case Study:

July 4, 2007

“Thanks to ClickTale I can watch my web users, and change the content and the graphics based on their moves”

-Johnny Vaccaro, Founder 

Video gamers in the market for a new vice are in for a treat when they come across one of’s 3D screenshots. Instead of viewing flat images of the game, potential buyers and industry insiders can have a taste of what it feels like to actually be in it. partners with such well-established game publishing companies as Atari and THQ. The site also serves as a hub for promoting the latest and greatest releases in the videogame world.

Panogames concentrates all of their ClickTale recordings on their homepage. They implemented the service after a site redesign in order to understand the impact of the changes they’d made. Founder of, Johnny Vaccaro, sees ClickTale as a replacement to usability testing with live participants. ClickTale revealed to him that a very small percentage of his users scroll down to the bottom of his page, thus never coming in contact with certain banners– a fault that he was easily able to remedy. He also noticed that most users don’t read the reviews posted on his site, preferring to just look at the images pictures and scan the titles. While Vaccaro does not use the demographics report provided by ClickTale, he does like seeing the referrer of each of his clients and thereby takes advantage of ClickTale’s detailed reports.

Vaccaro affirms that ClickTale is an ‘advanced usability testing tool’  He would definitely recommend it to friends.

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