Case Study: House of Seats

“I think every website should use ClickTale to improve usability and user experience. I already recommended this service to all of my colleagues!”

– Yuval Barkai, CEO is a large web-based ticketing operation for sport, concert, and theatre tickets. They deliver tickets with a secure and easy purchase experience. Yuval Barkai, CEO of, joined the ClickTale closed beta on May 14, 2007 and has benefited significantly from the service.

Mr. Barkai used ClickTale to watch hundreds of visitors browse his website. He noticed that visitors browse his site in an inefficient manner; when receiving ticket results, visitors tend to scroll down and then back up to change the ticket criteria. By adding the search criteria at the bottom of the results, was able to reduce the number of round-trips inside the page.

Visitors tend to seek multiple events for the same team during a given sport season (football, basketball, etc). The ClickTale recordings revealed that visitors were having a hard time finding all the relevant tickets, as they were unable to be sorted by team. The website layout was redesigned to reflect this consumer need. It became more intuitive and easier to use. This simple change resulted in an increased conversion of 10% of team sports ticket purchases by visitors who might have otherwise given up their intended purchase because of a difficult search experience.

The changes initiated by Mr. Barkai and aided by ClickTale improved’s usability, increased conversion rates, and turned browsing visitors into paying customers.