Case Study: The Organic Dish

“Our business is all about taking care of our customers.  ClickTale has played a pivotal role in allowing us to do that better on our website.”

– Toby Hemmerling, Co-Founder and CEO

The Organic Dish is a unique service local to Boulder, CO. The company sells “dinner kits” or frozen organic meals that clients can cook and serve in their home within minutes. They also host cooking sessions wherein patrons may prepare their own meals from pre-cut, cleaned organic ingredients. This service may also be turned into a social event for ten or more adults. On their website,, meals may be ordered from a menu and purchased. The site is also a great source of information about the way the business works. The business, launched in April of 2007, currently gets about 80 unique visitors per day. The average purchase made is about $150.

Toby Hemmerling, one of the co-founders of the operation, wears many hats, including that of CEO. He is very pleased with the services that ClickTale provides, especially being able to track his users’ paths through the website. He noticed immediately through the recordings and heatmaps that users had to do a lot of hunting before they could find the dinner menu– one of the primary reasons for visiting the site and also the route to the checkout page. Heatmaps also proved that most of his visitors were scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page to get to the info they needed. So Toby rearranged the navigational menu and contents based on his clients’ flow through the website. That way, he preserved the attention of those clients who were not as likely to hunt all the way to the bottom of the page to find what they were looking for.

Toby remembers originally reading about ClickTale’s free service on a blog, and thought it would be worth a try. “You hear a lot of people say that user testing is too complicated and expensive”, he says “but [ClickTale’s] recording really provides about 80% of what you get out of live user testing anyway.” Toby is looking forward to becoming a premium subscriber so that he may take advantage of being able to track users on secure pages.