E Commerce Optimization Case Study: Fugees.ru

“Clicktale removes guesswork from e commerce optimization analytics!”

– Nik A. Severinov, Project Manager

As a rapidly growing start-up with an eye for the next big thing on the Russian market, fugees.ru has come a long way since its inception in June, 2007. Currently, fugees.ru is a locus for selling freelance e-books and attracting research participants, with several more projects on the horizon. One such project is a virtual world based on Flash technology. According to Nik Severinov, project manager, the site averages about 50 hits per workday, and about 15 on weekends. The 3-person management team uses a wide variety of subcontractors to develop each of their products.

Improvement to the relatively new site has already been noted by Severinov. It was his visitors, in fact, who thanked him for the increased usability and e commerce optimization that he was able to provide because of ClickTale’s services. Severinov ranks his use of ClickTale’s functions in the following order of importance: Recordings, heatmaps, basic demographics, and screen and windows sizes. While he uses other analytics packages and e commerce optimization tools in his native language, he credits only ClickTale for helping him ‘get to know’ his users through the services listed above. It is perhaps due to these improvements that he would heartily endorse ClickTale to friends and co-workers.

Severinov originally read about ClickTale on a SitePoint.com review. Since becoming a subscriber, he has made several keen observations regarding ClickTale’s services and functionality with regards to e commerce optimization. Always open to helpful feedback, the ClickTale team has developed a friendly relationship with him and has come to regard Severinov and fugees.ru as a valuable client.