ClickTale Secures Venture Capital Funding from YL Ventures

December 5, 2007

Europe’s boutique venture capital firm teams up with the pioneer in Web Interaction Analytics (WIA) as the company releases its latest insights on browsing behavior.

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 5, 2007 – ClickTale, the pioneer and leader in Web Interaction Analytics (WIA), announced today that it has secured funding from YL Ventures, a boutique European venture capital firm. ClickTale, whose innovative service enables websites to record and watch movies of their users’ browsing sessions, will use the proceeds of the funding round to expand the sales and the feature set of their hosted service.

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ClickTale Scrolling Research Report V2.0 –
Part 2: Visitor Attention and Web Page Exposure

December 4, 2007

In part 1 of our ClickTale Scrolling Report, we learned that visitors scroll in a relative way – relative position inside the page, not based on absolute position in terms of pixels. In other words, the same number of page viewers will tend to scroll halfway or three-quarters through a page, regardless of whether the page size is 5,000 pixels or 10,000 pixels. In part 2, we reveal more new findings: Read on to learn about the way visitors pay attention to content on your site and what areas on your site receive the most attention.

See the end of this posting for ideas on how to make all this info work for you.

Are Your Visitors Paying Attention?

Have you ever wondered how much attention your visitors pay to your website content? We all have, of course. But until recently, most of the evidence has been based on personal observation or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation. To answer this question objectively, we have analyzed over 80,000 web page browsing sessions collected over a one month period.

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