Case Study:

“We’ve been bombarded with numbers and graphs and sometimes it’s still guesswork. But once you’ve got a recording, you can see for yourself what’s happening.”

– Gary Hides, Co-Founder produces websites for small and medium sized companies in the north of England. As they mature, they have begun to attract larger and larger companies with broader needs and bigger budgets.

Castus uses ClickTale to determine the usability of the sites that they have created. They find that the main benefit is for usability testing without the need for expensive usability labs. “I like ClickTale better anyway,” says Gary Hides, co-founder of the company “you get more of an idea of users’ real behavior. A lab is a more contrived environment,” he explains. “On ClickTale recordings, users act more naturally.” Hides watches a few videos at a time and makes notes of corrections to recommend to his clients.

The realizations gleaned from ClickTale have been a “kick in the rear” to hasten the impending redesign of Castus’s own site. ClickTale helped realize that people were clicking on images on their site that they believed to be links, but were in fact not clickable. He intends to use ClickTale to help him with a total redesign rather than a piecemeal approach.

Hides says that he has already recommended ClickTale to quite a few web designers, all of whom have signed up for the closed beta. He has demonstrated the service for designers in his office who he says were ‘wowed’ by it.