Puzzling Web Habits Across the Globe – Part 1

July 31, 2008

The Internet unites people from across the globe, but that doesn’t mean that all surfing experiences are created equal. We set out to learn how surfing differs from country to country. Our results were surprising, and a little puzzling too.

At ClickTale, we used our In-Page Web Analytics service to collect and analyze data from over 1 million visitors during the months of May and June 2008.

For starters, we wondered:

How fast are Internet speeds around the globe?

We measured Internet speeds using the average page loading speeds from each country. As you can see from figure 1 below, page loading speeds vary between 1.1 and 5.5 seconds. Israeli and Dutch surfers have the quickest page loads while Chinese and Brazilian surfers have the slowest. In fact, the Chinese experience Internet speeds that are 5 times slower than the Dutch!

tn Figure%200%20 %20Page%20Loading%20Speed%20per%20Country Puzzling Web Habits Across the Globe   Part 1

Figure 1: Average Page Loading Speeds across the globe.

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