Puzzling Web Habits Across the Globe – Part 2

August 24, 2008

As any avid Olympics fan can tell you, time is of the essence. In the case of a ‘fingertip win’ like Michael Phelps’, even a hundredth of a second can make a difference between a gold and a silver medal.

The same principle applies to those of us with higher BMIs and underused gym memberships. Do you know that every single second you spend staring at the rotating hourglass on your screen has a direct effect on the way you interact with the site? It’s a fact.

Part 1 of our ClickTale Web Browsing Habits Report showed that:

  • For every additional second that it takes to load a page, an extra 6 seconds is spent browsing that page.
  • The Dutch and Israelis outsurf all other countries, with extremely fast Internet and in-page browsing speeds. The Chinese, with the slowest load times, spend three times as long on a typical page.

Okay, so page loading is not exactly up for consideration as an Olympic sport. However, while looking at the data we put together, we encounter a few fascinating record breakers. These are summarized at the end of this section.

tn Fig1%20 %20Time%20In Page%20vs.%20Page%20Loading%20Speed Puzzling Web Habits Across the Globe   Part 2

Figure 1: Cross-country comparison of the average time visitors spent browsing a single web page vs. the average time it takes a web page to load.

One striking anomaly of the study was that Indians, whose Internet speed of 3.5 seconds is slower than average, browse an unprecedented five seconds more quickly than the stats predict. These five seconds matter.

Five seconds can mean the difference between a visitor completing a conversion on your site or being distracted by the US Gymnastics team. Hence, the fact that surfers in India take an average of 24 seconds to browse a site as opposed to the expected 29 is a phenomenon that begs an explanation.

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Case Study: DiversityJobs / LatPro

August 21, 2008

Our CEO loves it!”

Scott Baylor is “ecstatic”. He knows a good analytics tool when he sees one. For years he was on the lookout for alternatives to expensive and inaccurate focus groups. And then he discovered ClickTale. “Now we’re getting that kind of information directly from our visitors,” he says.

Baylor is the Online Marketing Strategist for LatPro.com, the biggest online Hispanic and bilingual job board which services 90 out of top Fortune 100 companies in the US. LatPro is the parent company for DiversityJobs.com, which also addresses the needs of large companies looking to enhance their workforce by bringing on talent from minority communities.

It seems that Baylor is not the only one at the company who’s enthusiastic about in-page analytics. His developers wait for him to view ClickTale’s movies on a daily basis so that he can tell them what he’s found. His CEO “loves it” and also eagerly awaits his daily reports. Baylor also likes the nearly instantaneous feedback that ClickTale provides. “I can make changes to the site in the morning and see the movies by the afternoon.”

After almost twelve years in the business, “you tend to become blind to certain things on your site.” Moreover, it’s important for the company to find out how visitors view them. LatPro’s solution to both these challenges is to make a few small changes at a time on one part of the site before sitting back and waiting while visitors browse that area. Scott then views movies of just that section to see if the desired results were achieved. “There are things we think are really appropriate, but our visitors told us otherwise.”

tn RecentDiversityJobsHP Case Study: DiversityJobs / LatPro

Figure 1: Original DiversityJobs Homepage

DiversityJobs.com successfully used ClickTale to polish their home page and increase its effectiveness. By watching visitor browsing sessions, Baylor discovered that visitors kept missing the keyword search function, possibly because the original homepage (Figure 1) was too confusing or crowded. Once the homepage was streamlined into two simple fields (Figure 2), both usability and conversion rates went up.

tn RevisedDiversityJobsHP Case Study: DiversityJobs / LatPro

Figure 2: Revised DiversityJobs Homepage

Once Baylor started using ClickTale, it quickly became an integral tool for building the site. “It wasn’t more than a couple of weeks,” says Baylor, “before we saw how valuable ClickTale could be for us. It’s really led us in very beneficial directions.”

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