CaseStudy: Tripbase – Vacation Ideas

December 25, 2008

“It’s pretty amazing,” says Itai Becker, “We were searching for a service that would do exactly this… record the way users interact with our site. We found a few other solutions, each of which were good in their own way. But ClickTale was the answer to exactly what we were looking for: a service that would show us the actions and interactions of users on our site.”

tn tripbase home screenshot cut CaseStudy: Tripbase   Vacation Ideas

As Brand Strategist, Becker focuses on making vacation planning as smooth as possible for his site’s users. Most of us enjoy traveling, but how many of us actually enjoy sorting through countless websites and blogs, to figure out exactly where to go and what to do when we get there? turns the travel process ‘on its head’ by offering a variety of vacation ideas suited to the interests and budget of each traveler. For example, you can select whether you would like a hot or cold destination, if you would prefer to drive or fly, or even the ability to rank yourself a ‘nightlife junkie’ or a ‘nature fiend’, will deliver different results every time.

Using ClickTale, Becker and his team were able to determine that the site’s ‘destination page‘ with its long scroll bar was creating less retention and was causing confusion among users. Each destination that Tripbase suggests has a lot of meta data associated with it such as weather, attractions and deals. Becker watched ClickTale videos to understand which of these details are the most important to visitors, thereby allowing secondary information to be relocated to a separate page. Tripbase’s aim was to make the website as easy to navigate and as user-friendly as possible—they wanted travelers to be able to find the information quickly and comfortably.

On the basis of the data provided to them by ClickTale, the Tripbase team tweaked their design. The result, as can be seen on the ‘before and after’ screen shots below, is a significantly improved website. Becker credits ClickTale for enabling him to make the users’ experience much smoother and engaging.


tn LocationPage Before CaseStudy: Tripbase   Vacation Ideas

and after

tn LocationPage After Highlight CaseStudy: Tripbase   Vacation Ideas

ClickTale has also helped Becker confirm that his newly-implemented features are being used. For example, by watching video recordings of users on his site, he learned that visitors use the ‘map view’ option in parallel with the ‘list view’ of destinations when searching. He has also confirmed that visitors use the site’s ‘destination finder’ properly, and that his latest project, geared towards ‘road trip’ car vacations, has been very popular, indeed.

“ClickTale,” says Becker “is a very important piece of the analytics puzzle that lets you understand the user better, and cost-effectively improve your site. We are very excited that we have found it and even more excited since we began using it.”

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