Double Your Conversion Rate,
Quadruple Your Sales?

This catchy blog title caught our eye. Adam Howitt Consulting wrote an insightful and practical case study, illustrating how to use ClickTale’s Form Analytics to best optimize web form conversion rates, so we thought we’d share Adam’s article with you.

According to Adam:

“Google Analytics only tells you who came, who left and who submitted the form but provides no further insight into the underlying problems…To dig deeper you need to use a form analytics tool and I can’t recommend ClickTale enough.

After reviewing my client’s ClickTale data we removed some fields, renamed some and changed the options on others and just one week later he saw a 50% increase in number of leads submitted and conversion rates climbed from 25% to 36%.

As you can see it’s a big improvement from changes that took a couple of hours to implement…Fixing some of the issues on your forms is a cheap and effective way of increasing conversion rates which lead ultimately to a sustainable increase in revenue for the cost of less than a day of the Google AdWords campaign.”

Adam explains how simple and quick it is to use ClickTale, and how marketers can benefit from almost instantaneous increases in conversion rates. Read the rest of this valuable case study directly on the Adam Howitt Consulting Blog*.

If you too have experienced improved conversions thanks to ClickTale, we would love to hear about it! Send in your story here.

*Note: Adam’s blog seems to be broken, you can find the Google cache of the page here.