What have we done for you lately?

We wanted to let you know that we’ve been busy adding new capabilities and features to ClickTale, and hope that you find them useful while optimizing your website’s usability and increasing conversion rates.

New Advanced Search functionality

Advanced Search

  • Optimize your landing pages by watching the visitors who arrive at specific pages
  • Increase your conversion rates by watching visitors who failed to complete a purchase or did not sign-up
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Marketing Campaign Tracking

Email Tracking

  • Watch how visitors respond to your landing pages, and improve the effectiveness of your email and marketing campaigns.
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So you think you know ClickTale? Are you taking advantage of these powerful features?

Form Analyticsâ„¢


  • Optimize your checkout pages and online forms.
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Attention Heatmapsâ„¢

Form analytics

  • Reduce website abandonment rates
  • Maximize content effectiveness by page location
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Link Analyticsâ„¢

Link analytics

  • Get a broader picture on how visitors interact with your website
  • Understand all visitor interactions with your links, fields and buttons
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Word on the street. What they’ve been saying about us.

“Using ClickTale’s analytics pays off – really”

“ClickTale … provides a real time measurement of user engagement”

“Clicktale is one of the most innovative web analytics solutions in the market. Two thumbs up!”

“Recording website visitors opens up a powerful new aspect of website analytics.”

“All I can say about this free tool is WOW.”

“A truly invaluable tool for professional optimization!!”

“A fantastic tool which is going to change the way that web designers design.”

You can read all of the latest media mentions on our site.

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The ClickTale Team