Announcing 5 Amazing New Web Page Reports

June 24, 2009

We are pleased to announce the launch of five amazing Web Page Reports, that you can start using right away.  These reports will let you identify and fix problematic pages, thereby improving your site usability, conversion rates and profitability.  Discover the answers to these essential questions:

  1. Which pages cause low visitor engagement?
  2. In which pages do visitors click too little or too much?
  3. Which pages generate the most JavaScript errors?
  4. Which pages discourage visitors from scrolling down?
  5. Which pages take the longest to load?

These are important questions, and  the answers you discover will help you analyze and optimize your website pages.

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8 Brilliant Tips That Boost Conversions

June 4, 2009

Did you know that about 40-50% of your site’s visitors leave after seeing just a single page?*

If half of your traffic disappears, it will take a heavy toll on your site’s conversion rate. Understanding why visitors leave and how they interact with your site is crucial to your business, and bottom line.

ClickTale has helped thousands of sites like yours gain insight into customer behavior by showing actual visitor sessions, mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and more.

Based on the feedback of many of our customers, as well as our own experiences, we have prepared a set of 8 ‘best practices’ to help you boost conversion rates and improve site usability.

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