Announcing 5 Amazing New Web Page Reports

We are pleased to announce the launch of five amazing Web Page Reports, that you can start using right away.  These reports will let you identify and fix problematic pages, thereby improving your site usability, conversion rates and profitability.  Discover the answers to these essential questions:

  1. Which pages cause low visitor engagement?
  2. In which pages do visitors click too little or too much?
  3. Which pages generate the most JavaScript errors?
  4. Which pages discourage visitors from scrolling down?
  5. Which pages take the longest to load?

These are important questions, and  the answers you discover will help you analyze and optimize your website pages.

New Page Reports

Access to the Page Reports is from the Reports menu.

Your Most Engaging Pages

Find out which of your web pages are the most, and least, engaging. Knowing where your visitors are actively spending their time, how long they are really engaged for, and which pages they quickly leave are vital to your business.

Most Engaging Pages Report

The “Most Engaging Pages” report is based on a unique ClickTale statistic called Engagement TimeTM, which is calculated by adding up the amount of time that visitors are actually active on the page – by moving their mouse, clicking, etc. This is why Engagement TimeTM is a much better metric than “Time on Page” which is used by other analytics packages, including Google Analytics. “Time on Page” calculates how long the page was open for, so if a visitor went to get a coffee or began browsing on a different tab, those times get counted too (errors produced by “Time on Page” are further explained in the ROI Revolution blog). This means Engagement TimeTM is a crucial measure of how truly engaged your visitors are.

Your Most Clicked Pages

Uncover which of your pages get the most clicks by your visitors. Are visitors clicking as much as you thought they would? Get the high-level view with this report, and watch ClickTale movies of your visitors to see exactly where they click inside the page.

Most Clicked Pages Report

Your Most Error-ridden Pages

Discover which pages generate the most JavaScript errors – errors which cannot be detected using server side monitoring. Only ClickTale’s session recordings will pick up these errors, and display them to you during session playback, as well as in the “Most Errored Pages” report. Now you can easily find and fix the pages that cause your customers the most errors.

Most Errored Pages Report

Your Least Scrolled Pages

It’s important to know which pages fail to entice visitors to scroll down, and whether scrolling behavior in a specific page is related to the page height (as measured in pixels) or to flaws in the page layout. Use ClickTale’s “Least Scrolled Pages” report to uncover your problematic pages. If visitors don’t scroll down, they miss out on your content and you will suffer lower conversion rates.

Least Scrolled Pages Report

Your Slowest Loading Pages

Monitor which pages take the longest to load, and which load the fastest, based on visitors’ actual experience with your web pages. With the “Slowest Loading Pages” report, you may be surprised to discover how slow certain pages actually load. If visitors wait too long, they will leave your site for good.

Slowest Loading Pages Report

Flexible and Customizable

All reports are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. For starters, you can re-sort every report using any column in ascending or descending order. Next, use the control area at the bottom to customize and filter for pages containing any string, or filter for pages with a minimum number of visitors.

Report Bottom

Finally, you can change the default Percentile that is used to sort pages in the first column to any number between 0 and 100%. By default, the 90th Percentile is used which represents a value that is a “near-worst case scenario”.*

Report Top

Available to all plans

These five amazing Page Reports are available now to all ClickTale subscribers, even on our Free plan. If you aren’t yet using ClickTale and benefiting from watching your visitors browsing sessions, heatmaps, and Form Analytics, these new Page Reports offer five more great reasons to sign up today and gain insights that you just can’t get anywhere else.

As you start using the Page Reports, we would love to hear your feedback and about the insights you have gained.

Thanks, and enjoy!
The ClickTale Team

* The 90th Percentile means that 90% of the observations have a smaller value and only 10% of observations have a larger value. For example, the 100th Percentile which is the maximum value of all observations, the 0th Percentile is the minimum value and the 50th Percentile is the middle value, also known as the Median.