How to Cut Form Abandonments by 50%

July 19, 2009
tn homepage How to Cut Form Abandonments by 50%

"With the data provided by ClickTale, we were able to cut abandonments by 50%!" - Ollie Pennington, Director,

By: Ollie Pennington, Director, helps Australians get projects done by having businesses compete head to head for their work. The most important page on our site is the “Post Your Project” page where customers request new quotes. While projects were being submitted, our conversion rate was too low and we had to know what was going on inside the page.

We first heard about ClickTale from the Boagworld web design podcast and thought that watching movies of our visitors would be the best way to figure out usability issues on our site. Using their In-Page Analytics, we could finally figure out why our page was not converting as well as we had hoped.

Our “Post Your Project” form asks customers to give us 16 pieces of information. Using ClickTale’s Form Analytics Conversion and Drop Reports, we were able to see how many people were engaging with this form, how long it was taking to complete and which fields were causing customers to abandon the process.

From the Form Analytics reports we learned that:

  • 44% of visitors left without engaging the form.
  • 59% of visitors who did engage with the form abandoned it in the middle without submitting the form.
  • 20% of visitors abandoned the form when we asked them to provide an approximate budget for their project.
  • 10% of visitors abandoned the form when we asked them about their project location.

It became clear to us that asking for 2 pieces of relatively simple information (budget and location) was causing the bulk of the abandonments.
Using the great insights from our ClickTale data together with Luke Wroblewski’s book on web form design (discount offer below) we dramatically improved our conversion rate by taking the following steps:

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