It’s Time For Real Time Website Analytics

August 31, 2009

ClickTale Launches Real Time Website Analytics Monitor

We are proud to launch the new ClickTale Real Time Website Analytics Monitor, which enables you to see where visitors are coming from, and watch exactly what they are doing in Real-Time! See precisely which pages they are browsing, as well as all their mouse moves, clicks, scrolling and keystrokes. This is an industry first in web analytics, and we are proud to be able to offer it to you today, for FREE!

tn RTM final1 Its Time For Real Time Website Analytics
You can start using the Real-Time Monitor right now by logging in to your account or signing up for free!

This fantastic tool enables you to make on-the-fly decisions like never before. Perfect for usability testing and landing page optimization, our Real-Time Monitor will allow you to see right away how your users react to the changes and improvements you make to your site, without waiting hours or days for traffic analysis. We are giving you an unprecedented level of dialogue with your visitors, revolutionizing A/B testing by incorporating Real-Time data.

tn Play botton2 Its Time For Real Time Website AnalyticsClick the Play button to see recorded visitor sessions.

Keep an Eye on Your Marketing Campaigns

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Interactive Click Heatmap Joins ClickTale Heatmap Suite

August 12, 2009

Today, we are proud to launch the third addition to our groundbreaking suite of FREE heatmaps, which is sure to knock your socks off:

Introducing Mouse Click Heatmaps

The first-ever click heatmap that is interactive and seamlessly integrated with ClickTale’s Link AnalyticsTM. Now you can see everywhere your visitors’ click, even where they are not supposed to, along with innovative statistics on all link interactions.

tn Homepage Heatmap 1.1 short Interactive Click Heatmap Joins ClickTale Heatmap Suite

Mouse Click Heatmap report with Link Analytics turned on.

The new Mouse Click Heatmap joins the innovative suite of ClickTale Scrolling Heatmaps, including the Scroll-reach Heatmap TM, which shows how far down the page visitors scroll, and the Attention HeatmapTM, which reveals where and for how long visitors are focusing their attention.

Homepage Cold Opaque Interactive Click Heatmap Joins ClickTale Heatmap Suite

Mouse Click Heatmap of homepage which was tinted dark and color-temperature cooled down – all done in real-time.

There are several ways that you can use our new Mouse Click Heatmaps to help improve your websites and landing pages:

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