We Increased our Bookings by 345%

“We’ve already noticed our conversion rate has TRIPPLED, and the number of clicks required to convert has reduced dramatically.”

– Ben Sebborn, Director, Skiddle Ltd.

Skiddle, one of the UK’s top entertainment websites, suspected that its visitors weren’t browsing their site the way they were supposed to. They therefore decided to use ClickTale to find out exactly how their visitors were interacting with their site, and to use its revolutionary behavioural analytics suite to optimize their customers’ experience. What they learned was extremely insightful and resulted in an amazing 345% bookings increase in just 4 weeks!!


Skiddle saw phenomenal increases in their restaurant bookings

Skiddle.com offers a ticket search and booking service for events, restaurants, hotels and more. Originally, visitors would first have to search by a specific date, and only then find an available restaurant and make a booking. Using conventional analytics, Skiddle noticed that visitors would often search, find the restaurant they wanted, and then leave the site without converting! They understood that they were losing sales, but conventional web analytics alone could not tell them why.


Skiddle's conversion rate was drastically improved

Skiddle turned to ClickTale to find out why visitors were leaving the site without completing their booking. By watching the recorded visitor browsing sessions provided by ClickTale, the Skiddle team discovered that visitors were much more interested in finding deals than they were in booking a reservation on a specific date. Skiddle then redesigned the site to make it easier to search for deals and added a multiple date option on the search result pages.


The redesigned Skiddle.com's restaurant page

And the results?

The numbers speak for themselves! A 345% increase in weekly booking in just under a month, a massive increase in the average time spent on site, and a higher amount of pages viewed per visitor. Additionally, Skiddle now sees more repeat visitors and return customers than ever before!


Skiddle's new website, now perfectly optimized for the ultimate customer experience

The tools used by Skiddle are available to all our subscribers, even on the free plan. So you can sign up today and see instant improvements in customer experience, usability and conversion rates.

The ClickTale Team