Introducing the Next Generation of Communications Analytics

ClickTale and Contactology team up to deliver Post-Click Analytics within email campaigns

We are excited to announce the launch of a new partnership with Contactology, a provider of email marketing and online survey technologies. Together we will be delivering a new level of post-click analytics never before seen in the industry. This partnership represents the first time that Customer Experience Analytics based on actual subscriber behavior has been combined with email marketing technology.

This new partnership will deliver both qualitative and quantitative statistics that will help you gather in-depth, relevant information about your subscribers. ClickTale and Contactology customers will be granted an unparalleled view of their subscribers’ behavior and consumer trends, with the ability to drill down into demographic segments and even watch individual sessions.


Discover exactly which content generates the most conversions and sales, which pages get the most attention and how much time each demographic group spends engaging with your site. Any email campaign, survey or newsletter can be tagged with accurate and in-depth data such as demographic or sociographic information. This gives you the unique opportunity to accurately target subscribers from specific demographic segments for the greatest effectiveness.

Now you can track everything your subscribers do on your site from the minute they follow the link in your email. You can literally follow their every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke all the way through to their online conversion or checkout. And if the subscriber doesn’t convert, ClickTale will show you exactly where and when you lost your potential customer, allowing you to easily and efficiently catch up on lost sales.

The integration is as simple as checking a box!

The integration is as simple as checking a box!

Our partnership will allow a much deeper analysis of email marketing campaigns, with extended reporting, accurate demographics and both quantitative and qualitative statistics never before seen in the industry. Find out exactly which communications improve your conversion rates, decrease your bounce rates, and generate more leads, ensuring the maximum ROI for the minimum effort.

This integration is now available to anyone who has both a paid ClickTale and Contactology account, so you can sign up to ClickTale and take advantage of these amazing new tools today. We believe this new feature, as well as our visual heatmaps, conversion analytics and full video playback of your visitors browsing sessions make ClickTale the perfect complement to your traditional web analytics suite.

For more information, and a video demonstration, please see our partnership page.

To celebrate the launch of this incredible partnership, ClickTale is offering all existing Contactology customers an automatic $20 discount on our popular Bronze plan.
In addition, existing ClickTale customers can get at 20% discount when they sign up for a new Contactology account by calling 1-866-363-0670.