Eye Tracking for Everyone

November 23, 2009

“The definitive method for conducting accurate eye-tracking on a massive scale at a fraction of the cost”

Today, ClickTale is launching its new Mouse Move Heatmap, which is set to revolutionize the fields of Customer Experience Analytics and website usability. By aggregating the mouse movements of hundreds visitors on a site, we create a comprehensive, visual representation of what visitors are looking at and focusing on within the page. Instead of testing a handful of users for thousands of dollars, you can test thousands of users for a fraction of a dollar each!

mmh1 Eye Tracking for Everyone

The Mouse Move Heatmap on our Features page shows us exactly what content our visitors look at

Until now, Eye-tracking studies were the preferred choice in web usability testing. They allow website owners to know exactly how people use their sites, where they look, what grabs their attention and what they focus on. However the price of this technology is extremely prohibitive, costing tens of thousands of dollars for a single study. It has therefore only been accessible to the biggest web companies, and has been used by Google, Yahoo! and eBay.

Independent research shows that there is an 84% to 88% correlation between mouse and eye movements*, allowing us to create high-precision heatmaps based on just the users’ mouse movements. In addition, our heatmaps don’t require the subjects to wear a special headset or use special equipment. Indeed, most visitors aren’t even aware they’re being recorded, allowing for a completely transparent and anonymous usability testing process.

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How to Fix Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate!

November 11, 2009

Within 24 hours of using ClickTale’s new Search I was able to find and fix some major flaws in my checkout process. This service alone is worth every penny of the subscription price!” – T. Jacobson, Founder, FreeSocialStuff.com

Today we are proud to officially launch our new Search and Alerts. These incredibly powerful tools allow you to define any business process, scenario or funnel and see exactly which visitors completed the process, which dropped out, and why! From e-commerce conversion rate funnels and online checkouts to complicated website navigation and everything in between, any process you have can be tracked and optimized. The possibilities are literally endless!

Until now, traditional web analytics might show you where your potential customers drop out of your funnels, but now with ClickTale’s new Search and Alerts you can find out why! Instead of wading through hundreds of hours of videos, you can filter your visitors and only see the recordings of customers who match specific business scenarios. By optimizing your customer’s progress through your funnels you can guarantee better e-commerce conversion rates, increased sales and see a much higher return on your investment.

funnels How to Fix Your E Commerce Conversion Rate!

These new tools are available for free, right now, to all our subscribers, and require no additional setup or installation. In this post we’ll show you how to use them, and give you some real life business scenarios that will help you improve your e-commerce conversion rate.
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ClickTale on Yahoo! Store Pages

November 4, 2009

Record everything your customers do inside your Yahoo! Store pages with our clean and simple integration

We are happy to announce that we now fully support recording visitors inside Yahoo! Stores, both in the store front and checkout pages enabling ebusinesses to undergo ecommerce conversion optimization. ClickTale subscribers can now take advantage of our Industry leading Customer Experience Analytics on the world’s most popular E-commerce platform.

Now you can watch videos of your customers’ actual browsing sessions inside your Yahoo! Store to learn and perform ecommerce conversion optimization. See your site through the eyes of your customers by watching their every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke. It’s as if you were looking over their shoulder!

yahoo stores1 ClickTale on Yahoo! Store Pages

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