ClickTale’s Holiday Give-Away

Win up to $250 to spend at the Apple store!


We’ve had a great 2009! We’ve launched some incredible products and helped tens of thousands of businesses optimize their websites. So we wanted to give something back to you, our subscribers. And what better way to do that than by giving away loads of free stuff to make sure your year also goes out with a bang!

Today we are announcing our 2009 Holiday Contest and giving away a whole stack of vouchers to spend in the Apple or iTunes* store. First prize is a whopping $250 voucher which would get you any of these:


Second prize is a $100 voucher, third prize is a $50 voucher, and we’ll also be giving away five runner-up prizes of $10 vouchers to noteworthy entries.

To enter the 2009 Holiday Contest, all you have to do is take a screenshot of a ClickTale heatmap on your website. Any heatmap will do, a Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Attention or Scrolling. Send it to us, along with a paragraph or two about how you’ve used ClickTale to optimize your website, improve your customers’ experience, or just write nice things about us.

All entries should be sent to by the 16th of December, that’s two weeks from today. We’ll pick the best ones by the 18th and post the winning images on our website.

There is no limit to how many entries you can send, and the contest is open to all ClickTale subscribers, including users on our free plan. This contest is even open to new subscribers, so if you’re not already using ClickTale, you can sign up today and win!

* based on winner’s preference and country availability.