ClickTale Wiki

Today we’re launching the new ClickTale Wiki, a comprehensive knowledge base about all things ClickTale, written by our users, for our users. Although there are already a couple of hundred pages, we’re just getting started. In the next few days and weeks this Wiki will become the first port of call for any ClickTale questions or support issues you may have.

The Wiki will contain how-to guides for all of our features, a full troubleshooting section and a repository of all our plugins, modules and integration guides. It’s also going to be open to the general public to contribute their own content, so feel free to join in. You can write about ClickTale features, give examples of how you’ve used ClickTale, or just talk about website optimization and usability in general.

The Wiki can be found at You can check out brand new pages as they are created, and feel free to request a page you think should be added. Our Wiki is only going to be as useful as the community that creates and shapes it, so pull up a chair. Make yourself at home.