Plug In with ClickTale

As promised, we’ve been working on the wiki night and day and have finally finished the plug-ins section! We’ve created brand new documentation for each and every one of our plugins, as well as providing the full source code and examples of use for each one.

The full list contains over 35 plugins, including some brand new ones we haven’t told you about yet. These include plugins for Yahoo! Store pages, eBay’s ProStores pages, Zend Framework pages, Ruby on Rails and a whole lot more.


We even have five great new Google products integrations, with plugins for Google AdWords, AdSense, Maps, SEO and most importantly Google Website Optimizer. This last plugin will allow you to seamlessly track and record your visitors while A/B testing your webpages, allowing for in depth testing like never before. We will be talking more about extensive A/B testing with Google Website Optimizer over the next couple of weeks.

The full list and all the documentation can be found at As always, our Wiki is only going to be as useful as the community that creates and shapes it, so feel free to add, edit and contribute as you see fit.

We believe our wide range of plugins, as well as our heatmaps, behavioral analytics and full video playback make ClickTale the perfect complement to your traditional web analytics suite. Sign up today and start learning how to optimize your website based on your customers’ actual behavior, no-matter what platform you’re using!