Education in Usability – EduLocator’s Experience

“ClickTale Rocks! The ability to gain perspective from so many angles of user interaction within our website has given us a definite edge over our competition”

– Phillip Lakin, VP of Operations,

EduLocator Corp is an Online educational search engine, directory and reference website for current and potential students. The service focuses on giving students the best possible information about the educational landscape, informing them about pay-scale and job pathways, as well as several financing options such as Canada’s Second Career program.


This Mouse Move Heatmap of Edulocator's homepage shows what visitors are looking at!

Phillip Lakin, VP of Operations, started using ClickTale on the site 8 months ago “This was the first time we came across a service that would allow us to watch videos of our visitors’ mouse moves. When you work with the same landing page for a long time you become very used to it, and forget how to approach it as a first-time user. ClickTale gave us invaluable insights into our user’s actual behavior on our site.

EduLocator used ClickTale along with Google Website Optimizer and their own internal A/B testing software. “Our bounce rate was significantly reduced. We realize the users were getting the wrong message from the page because they just weren’t scrolling. We split tested several new designs and they worked like a charm! Next we’re hoping to increase the confidence levels of student using our forms with ClickTale’s Form Analytics.”


These Link Analytics show how many visitors click on each of Edulocator's form fields.

“If you are planning to do any basic level of internet marketing that requires a self-run landing page, you MUST use ClickTale to ensure a market competitive level of user competency. Their pricing is extremely fair, the information is unbelievably valuable, it’s perfect for any size business, and is incredibly easy to use.

The tools used by EduLocator are available to all our subscribers, so sign up today and learn how to optimize your website based on your customers’ actual behavior. Start increasing your conversion rates, minimizing your site abandonment, and maximizing your profits.