Happy Thanksgiving from ClickTale!

This Thanksgiving, ClickTale has much to be thankful for, as we celebrate our 4th year of business with over 50,000 customers worldwide!

Because Every User Has a Story…

ClickTale has greatly enjoyed listening and learning from each and every one of your ClickTale stories. By understanding your business objectives and getting feedback on what you hope to get out of your web analytics solution, we have been able to strengthen our own.

ClickTale homepage through the years...

ClickTale homepage through the years...

Founder and CEO of adventure travel site, Slickrock.com, Lucy Wallingford has been a ClickTale customer since our humble beginnings back in 2006.

“Over the last four years, I have seen ClickTale grow and its solution mature, allowing me to continually experience my webpages for the first time. When I first started, to all of the sudden watch my visitors’ mouse moving around, where they hovered over words, clicked on images…I was simply amazed…and even now, four years later, I am still blown away!”

We are continually striving to expand the capability of our solution suite to provide our customers with deeper insight into their visitors’ browsing behavior. Just in the past year alone, we have released our Mouse Move Heatmap, Dashboard, Segmented Heatmaps and our unique Conversion Funnels with an industry first Drill-Down feature, all stemming from our Video Session Playback.

...ClickTale homepage through the years

...ClickTale homepage through the years

We wish to thank all our clients, both old and new, for letting us be a part of your in-page experiences and look forward to many more together. And believe us when we say, 2011 with ClickTale is sure to take your website optimization to a whole new level.

From all of us here at ClickTale, Happy Thanksgiving!