Making First Impressions Count

Much time and money often goes into directing traffic to your website, usually to landing pages. By optimizing the landing page design, you can increase the conversion of your visitors into customers. An In-page analytics solution, such as ClickTale, enables you to increase conversion rates by showing visitors’ browsing sessions and heatmaps of their behavior inside the webpage. You can understand what your visitors are trying to achieve on your website and where they encounter errors. Learn which webpage elements either help or hurt the conversion process.

seminarlogoJoin our very own Shmuli Goldberg as he appears as an online guest lecturer at this year’s Landing Page Success Seminar. Based entirely on actual user data, Shmuli will show you how to define and optimize your site’s macro and micro conversions according to your visitors’ browsing behavior. Learn how to use visual heatmaps and other behavioral tools on your landing page to significantly increase your conversion rates and maximize your ROI. Spaces are limited, so definitely take advantage of this opportunity today!

It’s true. First impressions are not always what they seem, but your visitors will never give you the benefit of the doubt if you do not tailor your landing pages to their liking.