How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

This week, ClickTale is proud to feature its NEW conversion optimization tools - Conversion Funnel Segmentation. Easily segment, compare and optimize your conversion paths to suit your different types of visitors. Learn exactly where to focus and how to manage your marketing budget, and increase your ROI!

Want to gain an even higher return from your conversion funnel? Now you can break down your funnel according to your business needs with our new conversion optimization tools. ClickTale’s Conversion Funnel Segmentation lets you expose any web page weakness and uncover every customer trend…all there will be left for you to say is WOW!

conversion funnel segmentation1 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

ClickTale's NEW Conversion Funnel Segmentation


Start Segmenting!

With the new conversion optimization tools, customers can be segmented by many different criteria to answer important business questions. Does the country of origin of your customers affect their likelihood to convert? How about the web browser they are using? Maybe converting customers usually read your Terms of Service page. Now’s the time to drill down and find out!

Example 1: Country

Is there a difference in conversion between visitors from different countries? Could you improve the conversion rate from a specific country?

To answer these questions, easily segment by country and let the funnel take care of the rest.

segmentation by country small1 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

For example, compare US English speaking customers to UK English speakers and Canadian English speakers. See the visual breakdown of your English speaking website users and conversion rate by country.

Example 2: Visited Pages

Do you know which pages your customers are landing on before they decide to convert? Are your product pages helping or hurting the conversion process? Select the landing pages you would like to compare and let the segmented funnel explain what you need to learn.

visited pages small1 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

visited pages segments small22 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

Active filters are marked with a green dot.

To discover more about a particular segment of your visitors, click on the segment area to view the detailed funnel. You will be able to see which web pages visitors come from and which web pages they go to after they abandon your funnel.

Want to drill down even more? No problem! Get to know each individual user!

Watch video session playback at each funnel step to understand why certain visitors are not converting.

segment drill down side by side small1 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

Drill down each step of your segmented funnel to find out about your visitors' behavior.

Example 3: Browser

Which internet browser has a higher conversion rate? Do certain browsers reveal website errors while others do not? Enter each browser segment you would like to compare and let your funnel dish all the details.

Based on the information you discover with the new conversion optimization tools, choose to further segment that particular funnel by other criteria. Narrow down and zoom in on your visitors according to:

• New vs. returning visitors
• Original referrers
• Visited pages
• Page count

• Browsers
• Country
• Customizable Web Events

segmented filters list small1 How To Profit Using Segmentation Conversion Optimization Tool

Choose from ClickTale's wide range of filters to segment your funnels.

Keep segmenting and repeating the same steps to continually improve your website ROI. Identify your most interesting and profitable segments, define them as your filter set, and re-segment to learn how other visitors behave. Find out which segments bring your site traffic and, most importantly, which segments make you money.

So what are you waiting for? If you have not already benefited from using Conversion Funnels, you can log into your ClickTale account now to start using their enhanced features. The Conversion Funnels are available to all our customers, even on our free plan!

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