Perfect Your Web Page Analysis

Today, we are excited to introduce the ClickTale Page Console, providing key performance indicators for webpages based on visitors’ actual behavior inside the page. Monitor high level performance and drill down to specific visitor sessions in your web page analysis to identify usability issues and improve conversion rates!

We understand that each page of your website is a constant work in progress. The sooner you find errors, make improvements and monitor the impact of your changes, the sooner you can convert better and make more money. Our Page Console lets you achieve this simply and easily by running web page analysis on a single URL from your ClickTale account.

page console large Perfect Your Web Page Analysis

Instantly access a wide range of traffic trends and user statistics of your most important webpages.

Just enter the URL of a specific webpage you wish to track and instantly access a web page analysis that contains a wide range of traffic trends and user statistics.

activity summary Perfect Your Web Page Analysis

Get a complete activity summary of each individual webpage you wish to track. Watch Video Session Playback of your most recent visitors to test any usability improvements you make.

• Learn about the page bounce rate, errors, clicks, engagement time, scroll reach percentage, and much more!
• Drill down to watch and understand why visitors bounce and what errors they experience.
• Watch Video Session Playback of your Most Recent Visitors to test any usability improvements you make.
• Open any of ClickTale’s visual Heatmaps to see how visitors are engaging with your site.

previous traffic Perfect Your Web Page Analysis

• Find out which Previous Pages your visitors came from and the Next Pages they navigate to.

Compare the performance of a specific webpage during different times of the year OR compare the performance of one webpage to another. Did the addition of your holiday banner get more customers to the checkout page during Christmas? Does the women’s landing page convert better than the men’s page? With web page analysis you can better understand where to concentrate your time and marketing budget/efforts. Instantly answer any burning questions you may have concerning website conversion or usability.

Try It Out Today!

The Page Console is live today, so log in to your account now to see it in action. If you’re not yet a ClickTale customer, sign up today and start optimizing your website based on your visitors’ actual browsing behavior.