The Marketing Huddle; Quick Tips to Sell More and Score BIG

Have You Got Game?

When was the last time you said out loud, “Now that’s good marketing!”? Apple ad? Movie preview? Super Bowl commercial? How about my personal favorite, Betty White’s Snickers commercial?

All businesses, big or small, crave this jaw dropping moment amongst their peers to reward their own marketing efforts. However, scoring your own touchdowns, gaining your own loyal fans, and ultimately winning over your own industry, is never short of a few good plays. So make sure you are paying attention to some key (maybe obvious) marketing techniques that are sure to put you ahead of the game.


The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

I’d like to be all high and noble, and tell you that product functionality matters above and beyond product aesthetics. However, in marketing, looks are a HUGE part of your livelihood. This includes your marketing and sales efforts right down to the product itself. Aesthetically pleasing visuals on your website and in your ads, product presentation and product packaging are powerful! So use them and design them well. No pressure.

If we look at the tech industry, while many of us claim to be omniscient tech gods, familiar with tech lingo and the latest tech trends, the majority of consumers (behind their sleek iPads and shiny Blackberries) are not so computer science savvy. A higher caliber piece of technology that does not pay as much attention to its presentation as it does to its performance should not bet on amazing retail success. Often times, a prettier, similar performance product has the power to sell better and bigger just because it looks good. Right, Mr. Jobs?

Usability: It’s Not Just For Techies!

Why do most households of the Western World choose to employ a microwave? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s relatively inexpensive and it gets the job done. These are major values you should strive to acquire for your own product, website and marketing efforts, for your benefit and your customers. For example, your website should not wow visitors with its busy content and abundant banners. Trust me; the “less is more” theory really does work!

Take a look at some of these clean, clear homepages, easily guiding visitors to their desired site destination.

Apple, Inc. Homepage

Gap Homepage

Try and make your website as straight forward as possible so visitors know exactly what you’re about, what you sell, and how to make a purchase.

If you’re not sure how your site ranks amongst your visitors, don’t worry! There are literally tons of cheap web analytics tools out there to help you see your site through the eyes of your visitors.

If the Price Is Right

Why is Consumer Reports such a popular magazine for many American consumers? Simple. It gives customers a frame of reference for their purchases. Everyone wants to know that they are getting a good deal, and they certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of. As nicely explained in Both Sides of the Table Blog, if customers feel they are getting great value for the right price, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase and feel good while doing it. So make sure you can justify your pricing scale for your customers and give them a good, fair frame of reference.

Consumer Reports Magazine

The Kickoff

These are just some of many marketing tips to keep in mind while going for that touchdown. Regardless of the industry you are in or product you are selling, as long as you heed to the needs and tendencies of your customers, the conversions will come.

In the Huddle By John Morgan

So, no sulking at the sidelines! Think big, take risks, go for the winning play and don’t be scared to fumble a bit along the way. Marketing success does not come easy, but good strategy with the help of intuitive marketing tools will definitely help you gain the competitive advantage.

Alright my fellow marketing enthusiasts, ready? One, two, three, BREAK!