Learning UX from the Pros; Part II of III

Billy Attar
March 29, 2011

Knowing what the user experience is about is the first step to optimizing a website. As discussed in the first post of this series, usability, sales, and branding are the three basic concepts to focus on. The next step is putting your knowledge to action.

The Art of Inquiry by Candace Nast Learning UX from the Pros; Part II of III

Inquiring about your web pages from your visitors is key to achieving optimum usability.


Usability experts don’t really know what works on a website until they test it out. Luckily, there are plenty of free or inexpensive testing options for all online businesses to take advantage of and profit from for their website.

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ClickTale at Spring Conferences

March 25, 2011

This March, ClickTale attended the Omniture Summit in Salt Lake City, as well as the eMetrics Optimization Summit, Predictive Analytics World, and Conversion Conference in San Francisco.

We would like to thank our many customers, partners and potential new ClickTalers who came to visit our booth. We enjoyed meeting all of you, hearing your feedback and learning about your businesses.

Another special thanks to the event organizers for your patience and cooperation during exhibition preparations.

We look forward to next year’s conferences icon smile ClickTale at Spring Conferences

combo1 ClickTale at Spring Conferences

The ClickTale Team at Spring Conferences

Increase Your Conversions in Under 5 minutes with Website Visitor Recordings

March 22, 2011

Although the ClickTale solution is now made up of a growing list of powerful analytics tools, its original visitor session playback is the be all and end all of getting to know your visitors, revealing absolutely every mouse move, click and scroll visitors attempt on your webpages.

If you are having some difficulty getting started with your website visitor recording action, don’t sweat it! This post is meant to answer the who, what, where, and why of recordings and the return on investment they can generate for your business.

popcorn by kalleboo Increase Your Conversions in Under 5 minutes with Website Visitor Recordings

Grab the popcorn and start watching your visitors' browsing sessions! Learn how they interact with your site and where they encounter errors.

WHY should I use website visitor recordings?

Understanding how visitors use your site, what they’re trying to achieve and where they encounter errors is your ticket to increased conversion rates, increased sales, and a major increase in ROI. Therefore you should not pass up on the opportunity to get a front row seat to your visitors browsing sessions.

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Learning UX From the Pros; Part I of III

Billy Attar
March 18, 2011

Know What You’re Dealing With

Successful site design revolves around the user experience. The user experience expert needs to understand three basic concepts to get the most out of his or her site: usability, sales, and branding. After all, the whole point of your site is to get people impressed enough to want to convert and to make it easy enough for them to do so.

user experience 3 Learning UX From the Pros; Part I of III

In this three part series, we’ll help you get started on your path to becoming an expert.

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ClickTale’s Upgraded Google Website Optimizer Integration

March 14, 2011

Great news for Google Website Optimizer users! ClickTale has updated and improved its Google Website Optimizer plug-in module for customer experience testing to support maximum integration for both A/B testing and Multi-Variate testing.

google website optimizer1 ClickTales Upgraded Google Website Optimizer Integration

Advantages of Integration in Customer Experience Testing

Take the guesswork out of your usability testing! Save time, money and unnecessary effort trying to figure out why certain experiments perform better than others and learn exactly what to test next!

  • Ensure the version of HTML as seen by a visitor to your site corresponds to the same version of HTML as ClickTale’s video session playback, both for A/B testing and for MVT. Test different variants and actually see what images, banners and content are working or need usability improvements.
  • Display Google Website Optimizer experiments data during video session playback.
  • Generate separate aggregated reports for each customer experience testing.
  • Enjoy complete access to ClickTale’s segmentation feature and other analytics tools (such as heatmaps) to further answer why one page variation works over another. See whether specific demographics respond differently to each page variant.

How Does It Work?

When page versions do not receive separate URLs, as is true with Multivariate Testing, different algorithms are used to alter the HTML. Images, content, links, and/or layout appear differently on the screen of each user.

Therefore, in order to assign the correct data to the correct screen, changes are made to the ClickTale tracking code on each page of your site being recorded. A specific event is then created that matches the HTML as seen by a user to the same version of HTML as ClickTale’s video session playback. You are then able to observe and document how each visitor uses and engages with your site.

For further detailed information on this integration and its effect on your customer experience testing, please check out our Google Website Optimizer Wiki page.

Is Eyetracking Web Usability Going Mainstream?

Talya Rachel Judovits
March 11, 2011

Tobii and Lenovo are teaming up for the ultimate eyetracking web usability experiment.

Windows 7 Lenovo Laptop + Tobii Built-in Eye Sensor = Eye-Controlled Laptop!

This new technology, being tried and tested for its hopeful 2013 release, will allow users to zoom, scroll, as well as dim and brighten content on their screens using only their eyes. Besides being extremely innovative and, well, really cool, what impact could these laptops have on the web analytics community as an eye-tracking tool?

Lenovo by Tokuriki Is Eyetracking Web Usability Going Mainstream?

Eyetracking Web Usability and Mouse Tracking

Eye tracking, as it stands now, is the web usability testing method of choice for big name enterprises with mucho $$$ to spare, such as Google. Cameras and specialist software are used to track where the eyes of internet users land on a webpage.

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ClickTale’s Moving Up in the World (Wide Web)

Shmuli Goldberg
March 8, 2011

ClickTale made it into the top 10K World Wide Web sites, as ranked by Alexa! We are very grateful to you, our visitors and customers for your traffic and look forward to having you back to our site very soon icon smile ClickTales Moving Up in the World (Wide Web) On our end, we shall continue to provide you with revolutionary products and features, as well as valuable content that can benefit your business.

Just to give you a bit of background, an Alexa ranking is calculated according to the total number of internet users who install an Alexa Toolbar on their browsers (which is in fact millions of online users). The total site score is a three month average of these users, as well as their number of pageviews on your site. A high Alexa score is also beneficial to a site’s page rank, and its SEO efforts.

alexa2 ClickTales Moving Up in the World (Wide Web)

We look forward to giving you more good updates!

ClickTale’s Blogging Evolution

March 7, 2011

The Inspiration

It is our pleasure to unveil our new and improved Web Analytics & Usability Blog! This redesign was inspired entirely by you, our enthusiastic readers, bloggers, and tweeters, who have been an integral part of our growing community of online users.

Our Goals

Our main goals for this redesign were fourfold.

• Community Building – Increased visitor interaction
• Personalization – Better branding
• Easy Navigation – Improved usability
• Modern Look and Feel

Community building

Since our humble blog beginnings, our previous designs were very one dimensional in that they did not allow for the sharing or discussing of blog topics and themes with our readers. We wanted to encourage readers to initiate dialogue and share their ideas and opinions on blog content, beyond individual post comments.

combo22 ClickTales Blogging Evolution


Early on, we realized that we needed to make our blog our own by incorporating our ClickTale colors and giving readers the opportunity to learn more about us and our solution.

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So You Think You Know Conversion Funnels?

March 3, 2011

Think you know conversion funnels?

Did you know you can easily compare the different conversion paths of multiple user groups? Use funnels to identify converting pages? Or find out what visitors are doing at each and every step? Well, this post is meant to answer the questions that you never would have thought to ask.

relax So You Think You Know Conversion Funnels?

Take it easy! Funnels are simple to use, fully customizable and there

First and foremost, there should be absolutely no reason to struggle with your conversion funnels. All web analytics tool users, oldies and newbies alike, with a keen interest in their visitors should have easy access to the smart data they need.

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