So You Think You Know Conversion Funnels?

Think you know conversion funnels?

Did you know you can easily compare the different conversion paths of multiple user groups? Use funnels to identify converting pages? Or find out what visitors are doing at each and every step? Well, this post is meant to answer the questions that you never would have thought to ask.

Take it easy! Funnels are simple to use, fully customizable and there

First and foremost, there should be absolutely no reason to struggle with your conversion funnels. All web analytics tool users, oldies and newbies alike, with a keen interest in their visitors should have easy access to the smart data they need.

How do I compare one webpage conversion versus another?

Many events in life are definitely worth taking note of, and each conversion on your site is no exception. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter, logging in to an account, making a purchase or anything in between, each of your conversions can be made into “Events”. You can then easily segment your funnel by these events so you can compare the conversion rates of different webpages. Find out which pages encourage customers to convert more than others, or do a good job at leading them into the conversion process.

Easily assign your different webpages as events and segment your funnel to compare their conversion rates.

Can I see what visitors are doing at each funnel step?

Absolutely! Satisfy your curiosity as to how your visitors make it to the next step of your conversion funnels, or why they exit the funnel at certain webpages. Simply drill down your funnel at each funnel step with one click. Pick and choose the visitors you wish to track. Identify webpage errors or web design improvements that could be made to optimize usability on your site.

Drill down funnel at each funnel step and drill down specific visitors according to the URL from which they entered your funnel.

Do I know from which websites visitors are coming and to which webpages they exit to?

YES and yes! Your conversion funnel lets you see the original referrer of your traffic and exactly where it is going. You are able to drill down specific visitors coming from each URL separately and see if there is a variation or similarities in their browsing behavior.

Can You Create Conversion Funnels in less than 2 minutes?

Yes, again! ClickTale Conversion Funnels are unique in that your most popular conversion funnel is automatically generated upon entering your account using previously collected data. So, there is no need to wait to get the answers you’re looking for. Edit, add, or remove any step as you wish and the funnel instantly recalculates with any change. Test the success of your webpage improvements and continue to make changes as you see fit. Increase your conversions easily and effortlessly, as you should.

Can conversion funnels “show me the money”?

Without a doubt, conversion funnels are the all-in-one conversion analytics tool. Get in depth quantitative and qualitative knowledge about your visitors at each stage of your funnel and identify the pages that rake in the most conversions. Discover if the conversion path you designed is indeed how visitors end up actually converting on your site. Additionally, you are able to view recordings of your visitors at each funnel step to see exactly how they are converting and how usability on each web page can be improved.

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