ClickTale’s Moving Up in the World (Wide Web)

ClickTale made it into the top 10K World Wide Web sites, as ranked by Alexa! We are very grateful to you, our visitors and customers for your traffic and look forward to having you back to our site very soon :-) On our end, we shall continue to provide you with revolutionary products and features, as well as valuable content that can benefit your business.

Just to give you a bit of background, an Alexa ranking is calculated according to the total number of internet users who install an Alexa Toolbar on their browsers (which is in fact millions of online users). The total site score is a three month average of these users, as well as their number of pageviews on your site. A high Alexa score is also beneficial to a site’s page rank, and its SEO efforts.

We look forward to giving you more good updates!