ClickTale’s Upgraded Google Website Optimizer Integration

Great news for Google Website Optimizer users! ClickTale has updated and improved its Google Website Optimizer plug-in module for customer experience testing to support maximum integration for both A/B testing and Multi-Variate testing.

Advantages of Integration in Customer Experience Testing

Take the guesswork out of your usability testing! Save time, money and unnecessary effort trying to figure out why certain experiments perform better than others and learn exactly what to test next!

  • Ensure the version of HTML as seen by a visitor to your site corresponds to the same version of HTML as ClickTale’s video session playback, both for A/B testing and for MVT. Test different variants and actually see what images, banners and content are working or need usability improvements.
  • Display Google Website Optimizer experiments data during video session playback.
  • Generate separate aggregated reports for each customer experience testing.
  • Enjoy complete access to ClickTale’s segmentation feature and other analytics tools (such as heatmaps) to further answer why one page variation works over another. See whether specific demographics respond differently to each page variant.

How Does It Work?

When page versions do not receive separate URLs, as is true with Multivariate Testing, different algorithms are used to alter the HTML. Images, content, links, and/or layout appear differently on the screen of each user.

Therefore, in order to assign the correct data to the correct screen, changes are made to the ClickTale tracking code on each page of your site being recorded. A specific event is then created that matches the HTML as seen by a user to the same version of HTML as ClickTale’s video session playback. You are then able to observe and document how each visitor uses and engages with your site.

For further detailed information on this integration and its effect on your customer experience testing, please check out our Google Website Optimizer Wiki page.