May Marketing Madness…Coming Soon!

April 29, 2011

Let the madness begin! Next week kicks off ClickTale’s May Marketing Madness Month icon smile May Marketing Madness...Coming Soon!

You know your products and/or services are great and what you have to say is important, but making that pitch and communicating your message in a way that reaches a world wide web of fickle users is tough. The web is in a state of constant evolution and you need to be continually reinventing the online marketing wheel.

group hug by Nina Matthews May Marketing Madness...Coming Soon!

Online businesses need to market their products/services to a colorful array of web users...and now there are tons of analytics tips and tools to know how.

Luckily, as internet use and business challenges increase, so too do web analytics tools and services. Their continual growth and expansion help clue us in as to how to keep our visitors wanting more.

Each week this month, our blog will focus in on a different theme, highlighting specific niches of online marketing, including usability, content, online strategy and, of course, conver$ion . Every daily post will zoom in on today’s best practices, useful tips and smart tools to measure and improve your online business performance.

We know that learning the best, needs to come from the best, and so throughout the month we are hosting an esteemed panel of big name web industry professionals to guest author their own posts. So you definitely don’t want to miss out.

We are looking forward to a great month icon smile May Marketing Madness...Coming Soon!

ClickTale’s IRCE 2011 Ticket Give Away

April 22, 2011

ClickTale is giving away individual and group discounts for IRCE 2011 tickets!

Come and join us as we finish off our spring conference season at America’s largest ecommerce event.

IRCE logo ClickTales IRCE 2011 Ticket Give Away

Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2011, San Diego, June 14th-17th

Big name speakers include Arianna Huffington, co-Founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, Christopher Payne, VP & General Manager N. Amer. at eBay Inc., Sona Chawla, President at Walgreens Co., as well as over 175 expert speakers.

Individual attendees receive $100 off of ticket prices and groups of 3 or more attendees receive a 25% discount on all passes.

Simply comment below if you’re interested and we’ll send you the discount code and link, as well as registration instructions.

We’ll be at booth 133! Hope to see you there icon smile ClickTales IRCE 2011 Ticket Give Away

The Website Element Egg Hunt

Talya Rachel Judovits
April 20, 2011

The “hunt” is on icon smile The Website Element Egg Hunt Use web page analytics to discover to discover which website elements do you come across while website hopping? Does their location on a web page change according to the industry of the website? Most importantly, do you know which of these website elements you should be incorporating into your own site?

wheres waldo by Jef Poskanzer The Website Element Egg Hunt

Take note of the variety of different website elements and how/where they are used.

Not all websites are created equal. Therefore, not all website elements carry the same value for all sites. Before you determine which web page elements you need to include in your own design, take some time to analyze your web page analytics and evaluate how visitors use and engage with the web elements you currently employ.

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ClickTale Customer Experience Analytics Now Supports IE 9, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome

April 15, 2011

Good News! ClickTale now supports IE 9, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome icon smile ClickTale Customer Experience Analytics Now Supports IE 9, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome

What does this mean for you and your business?

firefox chrome ie1 ClickTale Customer Experience Analytics Now Supports IE 9, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome
The more visitors you are able to record and include in your customer experience analytics reports, the more data you are able to collect and use to optimize your website.

Learn about and compare your variety of visitors with any ClickTale behavioral report, including heat maps, conversion funnels, form analytics, and many more!

For enabling recording from FireFox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome, have a look at our wiki page for specific configuration instructions.

ClickTale is continually improving and upgrading its services, striving to support all browsers with a market share of over 10%.

Checkout the Amazon Way

Eliran Mesika
April 12, 2011

The design of your checkout page determines the ease and probability with which customers succeed to convert. Recently, underwent a noteworthy checkout page redesign. As one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon has accumulated valuable knowledge about their customers’ conversions. This post gives you an in-depth look at its before and after checkout page, as well as expert tips to use for your own redesign.

Elements of a Checkout Page

All elements of a checkout page should encourage, inform, and guide a visitor towards conversion. For Amazon, and many other websites, the sections of a checkout page usually include:

Amazon11 Checkout the Amazon Way

Amazon’s page header design encourages the customer to move forward and advance with his/her purchase.

Page Header

The header lets you know where you are in the process of placing your order. Although a customer can always use the back button, Amazon’s header design focuses the customer on moving forward and advancing with his/her purchase.

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Learning UX from the Pros; Part III of III

Billy Attar
April 7, 2011

Becoming An Expert

Congrats! From the previous two segments of this series (Part I, Part II), you have mastered what UX is about and how to put your knowledge in action. However, the web is a dynamic force, and therefore, the user experience is in constant evolution. To become and keep up an expert status, you have to be continually learning. Here are some resources for keeping up to date with the latest in UX.

Experts in their tower By HikingArtist Learning UX from the Pros; Part III of III

Learning UX from the Pros

Having an open mind and listening to other UX experts share their knowledge about their own niches is essential to staying on top of all available resources and best practices.


Blogs are excellent resources for gaining free, intelligent and proven advice. Have a look at some of my personal favorite articles from:

• Web Designer Depot
• Smashing Magazine
• UX Booth
• UX Mag
• 52 Weeks of UX
• Top 100 according to Mashable
• Top 100 according to Design Shack


Although this may involve some travel (and perhaps some pocket money), this is a great way to meet and hear from other usability experts, live. For some of you, this may even be an event to which your place of work may be interested in sending you, or even going with you. You may want to ask your place of work if they will sponsor you as this could expand your skill set and knowledge base, therefore making you more valuable for your company. Have a look here for a list of conferences near you.

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Best Web Analytics Practices for Site Redesign within a Corporate Structure

Alon Weinstein
April 5, 2011

Redesigning just a single page on your site can often have you sawing through some majorly annoying corporate red tape. Each department within the corporate hierarchy has its own subjective take on what is best web analytics and what qualifies as the ideal web page redesign to realize its own objectives. Therefore, how do you efficiently, amicably, and successfully undergo a site redesign within a corporate structure?

Make Everyone Feel Like a HIPPO

Although this theory may not work for my pregnant wife, this is a great way to conduct the first stage of your redesign process. Use your emotional intelligence to make everyone feel you’re listening to their ideas as if they were the highest paid person in the room (HIPPO – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).

Meeting pan by AMagill Best Web Analytics Practices for Site Redesign within a Corporate Structure

It is important to show your other team members that you value their opinions and want to accommodate their motivations for the redesign, as well.

Your first instinct may be to tackle the person sitting across the table with whom you completely disagree. However, you just need to be prepared and create an organized open forum for each department to share their own redesign needs and wants.

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April Fool’s Website Bloopers

Talya Rachel Judovits
April 1, 2011

As hard as we work to keep our websites perfect and popular amongst our visitors, there is always room for error, mishaps and major mess-ups. Today, being April Fool’s Day, is a great time to simply take it easy, look back and smile at these mistakes that may have occurred throughout the year.  Cheer on upcoming successes for your business, and maybe even play some practical jokes on your coworkers icon smile April Fools Website Bloopers

By Randy Robertson1 April Fools Website Bloopers

Happy April Fool's Day!

To avoid many of these bloopers in the future, web analytics tools are here to save you the embarrassment and keep your website up & running, selling and smiling. And they do so quickly, easily, without much effort or $$$ on your part.

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