April Fool’s Website Bloopers

As hard as we work to keep our websites perfect and popular amongst our visitors, there is always room for error, mishaps and major mess-ups. Today, being April Fool’s Day, is a great time to simply take it easy, look back and smile at these mistakes that may have occurred throughout the year.  Cheer on upcoming successes for your business, and maybe even play some practical jokes on your coworkers :-)

Happy April Fool's Day!

To avoid many of these bloopers in the future, web analytics tools are here to save you the embarrassment and keep your website up & running, selling and smiling. And they do so quickly, easily, without much effort or $$$ on your part.

Blooper Solutions

Heat maps

Mouse Move Heatmap

Heat maps are your instant color guide to where your visitors are moving, clicking, and hovering their mouse on your web pages. See what sections of your page are red hot and which are just so not!

Conversion Funnels

Are visitors following the intended webpage order of conversion throughout your site?  Are there web pages that lead visitors down a more common path to conversion? Use conversion funnels to instantly see from which web pages visitors are coming and where they navigate to next?

Learn which pages produce the highest conversion rates, and which cause the highest abandonment.

Visitor Recordings

Still not sure what your visitors are trying to tell you, where errors lie? No problem. Drill down and watch the actual browsing sessions of your visitors. See exactly what Java script errors they run into, how they interact with web page elements on your page, what needs to be moved and what needs to be made more prominent on the page.

Fun with Photoshop!

While getting pumped with your web analytics tools, have a look at these photo mishaps that will have you give a chuckle or two :-)

Perhaps a little too much affection...?

Not so handy today, is she?

Funny Logos

Ready for more laughs? :-) As many of you online marketers know, your branding says a lot about your company and corporate culture. This is how you communicate to your customers the image and tone you would like your business to have…and your logo is front and center. Check out this Cruzine article listing some charmingly funny logos.

Happy April Fool’s Day!