Best Web Analytics Practices for Site Redesign within a Corporate Structure

Redesigning just a single page on your site can often have you sawing through some majorly annoying corporate red tape. Each department within the corporate hierarchy has its own subjective take on what is best web analytics and what qualifies as the ideal web page redesign to realize its own objectives. Therefore, how do you efficiently, amicably, and successfully undergo a site redesign within a corporate structure?

Make Everyone Feel Like a HIPPO

Although this theory may not work for my pregnant wife, this is a great way to conduct the first stage of your redesign process. Use your emotional intelligence to make everyone feel you’re listening to their ideas as if they were the highest paid person in the room (HIPPO – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).

It is important to show your other team members that you value their opinions and want to accommodate their motivations for the redesign, as well.

Your first instinct may be to tackle the person sitting across the table with whom you completely disagree. However, you just need to be prepared and create an organized open forum for each department to share their own redesign needs and wants.

The Breakdown

Sound familiar?

When going in for the pitch, make sure you are confident and clear with the redesign you want. Relay on best web analytics to explain your decisions and back up your placement choices. In addition to hearing contributions from other departments, have in mind any questions you need to ask your fellow coworkers for their expertise to maximize the potential of this redesign.


Make sure the designer is clear as to how much creative freedom he/she has. If you are dictating how the redesign should look in its entirety, make sure that every design pixel is accounted for in your spec and details each and every page element exactly to your specifications. If the spec is not written EXACTLY as you want the redesign to look, the finalized version can come out looking like your designer’s redesign, and not your own.


Your sales department wants web pages that facilitate its ability to sell. If customers are repeatedly asking for a specific promotion, a sales employee’s ideal redesign would include call to actions clearly guiding customers towards this promotion. Strategic placement of specific graphics and navigation to contact us forms are also in its best interest.


If done correctly, your design should answer questions visitors are searching for online. If SEO is an important channel for your website (and even if it’s not) consider best web analytics and think about the main text on the page – the title, the heading, etc. If your visitors like it, the search engine will like it even more :-) If you’re not the SEO person at your company, use this meeting to chat up your SEO guy for his recommendations. Ask what he/she believes would be the best way to go.


Is traffic being sent to your site? To which pages? If you’re changing layout, content and URLs, make sure this member(s) of your team knows about it in advance. Discovering that one of your landing pages does not exist anymore may be very annoying and a huge turnoff for your visitors. Make sure to make all the needed redirects.

Product Manager

Ideally, it is best if your product manager is on board for this redesign, as he/she is responsible for the development and often marketing strategy of a product or service. Therefore, if the redesign does not shed light on his/her product as intended, this could cause for some friction. Ensure that the redesign does not conflict with product messaging or company branding.

The Boss

If you get the seal of approval from your boss that you are indeed in charge of the redesign, great. If he/she would like to be hand’s on with this redesign project, be careful. No matter what you and your coworkers do or the amount of hours you end up putting in, your boss has the ultimate veto power. Therefore, make sure if he/she wants to be involved, that you include him/her at each stage of the redesign process. Know where he/she stands with the work you are doing.


Based on the corporate feedback you collect, multiple web page versions can be created, tried and tested using AB/Multivariate Testing. See how visitors/customers interact with each version, and determine which gets the best visitor response.

Multiple web page versions can be created, tried and tested using AB/Multivariate Testing.

It is important to note, that while this may help you compromise with your coworkers, it can also decrease the strength of your data. The more page versions are created, the less traffic goes to a particular page.

Therefore, if you already know what is important to your visitors and customers, either from previous sales, best web analytics, or behavioral analytics, split your traffic percentages accordingly. For example, if you know that visitors want more value props rather than product description on a particular page, split your traffic 60-40.

Facing Criticism

This is just one of many ways to undergo a site redesign.

During any redesign process, you often face criticism regarding your work and the decisions you make. However, at the end of the day, it’s really ALL about the customers. While your coworkers may think they know best and have strong opinions about the ideal web page redesign, web analytics reports can turn subjective thought into objective data.

Everyone's a critic.

Take the time to look at your marketing channel, review your best web analytics practices, run a heat map on key words and get external data. Find out their engagement time on the page, what motivates visitors during their browsing sessions. After all, there’s nothing better than backing up a hunch with a heat map, or a suspicion with a session playback. :-)

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