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Highlight key facts, figures and even some friendly faces to personalize your business. (Highlighters by photosteve 101)

Personalize Your Business

May Marketing Madness Content Week, Post #21 It’s not personal, it’s business…but sometimes it helps when you give your website a bit of that personal touch. Chances are, your customers … Read More article bullets for skim readers

The Skimming Effect

May Marketing Madness Content Week, Post #19 By Adam Greco Senior Partner, Web Analytics Demystified While every business hopes people read everything in glorious detail on their website, the truth … Read More

Focus by Nina Matthews

Proofreading Made Perfect

May Marketing Madness Content Week, Post #17 By Naomi Goldberg Your website is the public face of your business. Just as you wouldn’t dream of going into an important work … Read More

Visuals are powerful and can often communicate a message much faster than words.

(Info)Graphic It Up

May Marketing Madness Content Week, Post #16 Visuals are vital for online businesses. We need to wow, reassure, and make our sales without the “in-store advantage”. So, in order to … Read More

Healthy competition never hurts anyone.

Checking Out the Competition

May Marketing Madness Online Strategy Week, Post #13 When making changes to your own website it always pays to check out the competition. By identifying who your main competitors are, … Read More