ClickTale and MailChimp Partner with Post-Click Analytics

Jonny Steel
September 22, 2011

MailChimp Integration2 ClickTale and MailChimp Partner with Post Click AnalyticsWe are delighted to be launching our partnership with MailChimp, an amazingly easy-to-use email marketing service with over 900,000 users. Before you send any email from MailChimp you can simply tag each link in your campaign (much like their Google Analytics integration), making it a breeze to start studying the traffic that you generate from your chimpy email marketing efforts.

Understanding Campaign Success

Ever wondered how visitors coming to your site from an email campaign behave once they arrive on your landing page? If your campaign has a clear call to action, how easily do visitors find what they’re looking for? Where on the page do they look? What do they ignore and where do they eventually click?

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Tealium Tag Management Tool Teams Up with ClickTale

Jonny Steel
September 15, 2011

Chrysanthemum Tea by The Unseasoned Wok1 Tealium Tag Management Tool Teams Up with ClickTale

As a good Englishman, it goes without saying that however busy I am, my day stops at 5pm for a cup of tea (with milk of course) and a crumpet. So you can only imagine my excitement when one afternoon, fully revitalized after sipping on Earl Grey’s finest, I came across Tealium one of the world’s leading tag management tools.

After one or two conversations with Ali Behnam, co-founder at Tealium, we were in business and are excited to announce that Tealium have now added ClickTale to the 120 other products offered through their service.

The new ClickTale integration allows users of Tealium’s Tag Management to add ClickTale to their site within minutes, and start watching recordings of their visitors’ browsing sessions immediately. This can all be done without any Javascript knowledge or bothering your IT team.

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4 Proven Ways to Educate Online Users About Your Technology

Talya Rachel Judovits
September 13, 2011

Creating new technology and offering updated products/features is exciting for any business. After all, we techies know what we’ve got is great and ultimately easy to use, but now we are stuck with the challenge of communicating our (modest) genius to a diverse web of users. So, the question is, how do we overcome this challenge?

Introducing a New Feature or Product

As we profess over and over, all visitors are not created equal. Therefore, not only the way visitors use your site, but also the way they acknowledge and handle website changes differs as well. It is for this reason that modifications or updates made to your system/technology need to be subtly, but clearly explained. And the way you do this depends on your own visitors’ behavioral preferences.

Remember, we are all creatures of habit, and even slight positive changes can be a big deal to your users. So be patient with your visitors and they’ll be patient with you.

Learning through Example

Recently Gmail revamped their UI making their many web page components user friendly with a cleaner layout and some guiding instruction to introduce new features.

In order to help gmail users become aware of the new changes and options, they have included education tabs on new features and customizable settings.

classic google education 4 Proven Ways to Educate Online Users About Your Technology

Pull down menu education is a great way to teach about new updates, giving users the the option to have the explanation as part of their ui.

As you can see here above, the pull down designs are great for introducing new features, as they allow each individual user the option to display instructions or not. Depending on whether your visitor is a new user, a returning customer, or simply a customer who wants to learn more, the way in which they want to see and experience the UI on your website may differ.

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