Tealium Tag Management Tool Teams Up with ClickTale

As a good Englishman, it goes without saying that however busy I am, my day stops at 5pm for a cup of tea (with milk of course) and a crumpet. So you can only imagine my excitement when one afternoon, fully revitalized after sipping on Earl Grey’s finest, I came across Tealium one of the world’s leading tag management tools.

After one or two conversations with Ali Behnam, co-founder at Tealium, we were in business and are excited to announce that Tealium have now added ClickTale to the 120 other products offered through their service.

The new ClickTale integration allows users of Tealium’s Tag Management to add ClickTale to their site within minutes, and start watching recordings of their visitors’ browsing sessions immediately. This can all be done without any Javascript knowledge or bothering your IT team.

Tealium iQ’s point-and-click user interface allows marketers to easily add, remove and modify the various web page tags associated with the vast majority of today’s digital marketing vendors, providing marketing professionals total control over the digital marketing page tags.

So the lesson of all of this – if you want my attention, stick the word “tea” in the subject line and email me at 5pm!

About the Author

Jonny Steel is Director of Business Development at ClickTale, responsible for all partnerships, whether agencies or technology partners. With a background in e-commerce, he understands the desperate struggle websites face to understand what their customers are actually doing on the site. His main concern at ClickTale is developing a host of valuable integrations for our customers and ensuring that our valued partners are getting all the support they need. Jonny holds a law degree and MA in War Studies from Kings College, London.