ClickTale and MailChimp Partner with Post-Click Analytics

We are delighted to be launching our partnership with MailChimp, an amazingly easy-to-use email marketing service with over 900,000 users. Before you send any email from MailChimp you can simply tag each link in your campaign (much like their Google Analytics integration), making it a breeze to start studying the traffic that you generate from your chimpy email marketing efforts.

Understanding Campaign Success

Ever wondered how visitors coming to your site from an email campaign behave once they arrive on your landing page? If your campaign has a clear call to action, how easily do visitors find what they’re looking for? Where on the page do they look? What do they ignore and where do they eventually click?

Ultimately, understanding the flow from the email through to visitor behavior on your site is critical to understanding the success of a campaign.

Post-Click Analytics

From the instant visitors click on the links within your emails, you can literally follow their every mouse move, click and scroll. By watching the recordings of these visitors, you will be able to follow them all the way through to their online conversion or checkout. Likewise, you can learn from ClickTale Heatmaps and other behavioral reports, aggregating thousands of browsing sessions, to reveal what this segment of visitors are collectively doing within a webpage.

ClickTale & MailChimp

At ClickTale, we’re massive fans of MailChimp. They provide an easy way for users to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. Both their basic and advanced features are intuitive and easy to learn.

So, quit monkeying around and try out the ClickTale – MailChimp integration to start improving the conversion rates of your emails and landing pages today!

About the Author

Jonny Steel is Director of Business Development at ClickTale, responsible for all partnerships, whether agencies or technology partners. With a background in e-commerce, he understands the desperate struggle websites face to understand what their customers are actually doing on the site. His main concern at ClickTale is developing a host of valuable integrations for our customers and ensuring that our valued partners are getting all the support they need. Jonny holds a law degree and MA in War Studies from Kings College, London.