It’s Not You, It’s Your Website! – Free Webinar on Wednesday

October 31, 2011

It’s been a great date. An evening of wining, dining and good conversation – things couldn’t be going better. You grab your coats and just when you’re about to propose the second date, they drop the bombshell – “it’s not you, it’s your website!”

OK, OK, maybe it doesn’t happen exactly like this, but do you realize how many visitors come to your website, genuinely love what you’re offering but don’t end up converting? And why? Perhaps, it has something to do with your website.

ClickTale together with the American Marketing Association are hosting an exclusive webinar that will cover the top reasons why customers aren’t converting and how you can fix it.

Wednesday, November, 2nd at 12pm CDT
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Is your website simply not converting as much as you’d like it to? Are your competitor’s sites performing better than yours? After researching tens of thousands of websites, over a massive range of industries, we’ll reveal the top reasons why customers are abandoning your site or are failing to convert, and the five things you can do today to fix it!

About the Speaker

shmuli goldberg It’s Not You, It’s Your Website! – Free Webinar on WednesdayShmuli is the Director of Marketing and Communications for ClickTale, the world leader in In-Page Analytics. A self proclaimed “web analytics geek”, Shmuli has spent an unhealthy amount of time focusing on web analytics, conversion rates and usability. Through his obsession, he aspires to help websites worldwide reach their maximum potential and obtain the love of their visitors.

Get a Copy of our Online Travel Whitepaper for 2012!

October 27, 2011

travel cover thumb7 Get a Copy of our Online Travel Whitepaper for 2012!Exciting news! We are kicking off a series of industry profiling whitepapers. Our first whitepaper is an in-depth analysis of the online travel industry and best practices for 2012, where we identify main user profiles, describe their usage patterns, and how to optimize your website according to each user profile. Spoil your visitors and increase conversions along the way! Learn how to differentiate your brand in the saturated market of online travel.

If you are interested in getting an advanced copy, please contact us for more details.



How to Get Better Google Rankings from Your PPC Campaigns

Alon Weinstein
October 5, 2011

google adwords post How to Get Better Google Rankings from Your PPC CampaignsLinking your PPC ad keywords to relevant landing pages visitors actually want to see is a BIG DEAL!! And Google agrees. So much so, that in the next couple weeks, Google is rewarding e-businesses for good behavior and complying with this crucial best practice.

What’s Happening?

Google’s coming out with a global new algorithm that gives more weight to landing page quality when determining your AdWords Quality Score. Therefore, a higher ranking for lower cost-per-click bids will be granted to landing pages that Google deems most relevant to a visitor’s original query.

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