How to Get Better Google Rankings from Your PPC Campaigns

Linking your PPC ad keywords to relevant landing pages visitors actually want to see is a BIG DEAL!! And Google agrees. So much so, that in the next couple weeks, Google is rewarding e-businesses for good behavior and complying with this crucial best practice.

What’s Happening?

Google’s coming out with a global new algorithm that gives more weight to landing page quality when determining your AdWords Quality Score. Therefore, a higher ranking for lower cost-per-click bids will be granted to landing pages that Google deems most relevant to a visitor’s original query.

What does this mean?

So the moral of this short news story is, making good on your keywords and understanding what your visitors want and need to see on your landing pages is vital towards higher rankings, higher results page visibility, and ultimately increased conversions.

Take Action

A great way to take action for your own PPC campaigns is to start profiling your visitors and analyzing how each user profile engages with your ads. As you learn about visitor engagement, it becomes easier to match your keywords and optimize your landing page content according to what your visitors want to see.

About the Author

Alon is the Website Optimization Manager at ClickTale. His eMarketing areas of expertise include the implementation of web tracking tools, data flow management, software & website development, as well as result analysis. Alon has a degree in Computer Science and Psychology from Bar Ilan University. When he is not busy optimizing websites, Alon enjoys playing piano.