Learn How to Add Context to Your A/B Tests

Billy Attar
November 9, 2011

As the lead analyst at ClickTale, I spend most of my time analyzing our website. This means that I’m constantly running A/B tests on our webpages. However, A/B tests offer no context, just a score, and this is a HUGE problem.

We both need behavioral data to understand what our visitors paid attention to, interacted with, and read on each webpage, as well as the after-effects on conversion. Website optimization can then be intelligently based on actual visitor behavior as opposed to simple speculation.

To make a long post short, I’d like to invite you to our upcoming A/B Testing Master Class.

Wednesday, November 16th at 1pm EST
To register, click HERE

Intelligent A/B Testing

In this webinar, we’ll go over exactly how to use ClickTale for A/B testing and answer all of your questions. As a bonus, all registrants will receive a free copy of our “ClickTale Guide to A/B Testing”.

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billy profile Learn How to Add Context to Your A/B TestsBilly is the lead analyst at ClickTale working with some of the internet’s largest websites. His clients have ranged from small business and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Billy is a New York University graduate with advanced degrees from NYU and Texas A&M.

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