Unlock Your A/B Testing with User Experience Data

Each test version during your a/b testing needs to be an accurate reflection of how users interact with your website. So, instead of going through tens of unnecessary test versions created purely from intuition, save yourself time (and frustration) by visually understanding your visitors’ online behavior.

Visual reporting of the online user experience for a/b testing is best achieved using accessible and easy to use Customer Experience Analytics tools and solutions.

ClickTale’s Guide to A/B Testing – Intuitive Testing with Behavioral Data, clearly explains what to test, how to test, and what to change on your website. Learn how to:

  • Use ClickTale to find pages and elements to test
  • Set up your own a/b test
  • Analyze your test results
  • And gain more ideas for testing

The best part…it’s FREE.

Download HERE!


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About Billy Attar

Billy is a UX and UI consultant at ClickTale working with some of the internet's largest websites. His clients have ranged from small businesses and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Billy is a New York University graduate with advanced degrees from NYU and Texas A&M.