Measuring Usability Quantitatively

April 30, 2012

Guest Post By Enric Quintero,

The usability concept is understood as the measurement of the difference between the ideal interaction and the real one taken by our target audience.

At the start of the internet, both types of interactions (ideal and actual) differed greatly. There wasn’t much of a handicap for a user given the novelty of the web and the unlimited possibilities this new channel offered. You could double your conversion rates simply by solving design errors. Today, that time has passed and a usable site isn’t enough to convert, but only enough to reduce bounce rate and keep users on your site. Additionally, current website users are “impatient” in nature, considering the average wait time for a page to load before leaving a site is all but 5 seconds.

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Hi-Tech Geo Hot Spots Around the World

Talya Rachel Judovits
April 19, 2012

Today, we’re heatmapping for red hot engagement with the hi-tech world. We want to know where exactly do us tech geeks hang out for endless working hours, where do our sparks of genius come alive and benefit modernity for a short while until the next best thing surfaces. These here below are my tech city picks across the globe, but comment below to clue me in on some of your other favorites!


Tokyo, Japan

Hi Tech Toilet by Alan Levine Hi Tech Geo Hot Spots Around the World

This is the birth place of hi-tech toilets. Need I write more? Seriously, these TOTOs you won’t find in Kansas, but they are just one example of the constant hi-tech innovation coming out of Japan, including the big names we have come to know and love such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, among many others.


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UX London’s Calling and ClickTale’s Going!

April 12, 2012

UX london1 UX London’s Calling and ClickTale’s Going!Join us Wednesday, April 18th thru Friday, April 20th as we show you what ClickTale can do to improve UX design live! 17 influential speakers will be there from around the globe, each specializing in UX, including Bill Buxton, Jared Spool and the one and only Luke Wroblewski (cue screaming girls!).This is a great networking opportunity, as well as a fun excuse to check out the fabulous venue, the Cumberland Hotel.

If you’re attending or want to meet up after the show, we would love to hear from you. Contact us here and we can set up a time or simply stop by our booth.

Calling All Heatmappers!

April 10, 2012

Ever wondered if you could get more out of your heatmaps? Ever wanted to get an expert opinion on exactly what your heatmaps are telling you? Well now you can, and what’s more, we’re offering it for free!

MMH1 fp Calling All Heatmappers!Our very own Shmuli Goldberg, ClickTale’s Senior Technology Evangelist and our resident heatmap guru, has a knack for getting heatmaps to sing like a canary, picking up on things that even expert users sometimes miss. This summer, he’ll be starting a weekly series on heatmap analysis, reviewing real user heatmaps and exposing their deepest darkest secrets. And he’ll be explaining exactly how he does it, every step of the way.

ClickTale Partners with Unbounce for Better, Faster, IT-Free Landing Pages

Jonny Steel
April 5, 2012

How important are landing pages? Simple answer: very.

That wouldn’t make an interesting blog post, so now for the longer answer. Landing pages are critical for any promotion but especially so for paid marketing where a measured ROI is essential to your success. Your homepage is often designed to be a generic entry point to your brand and business, rendering the ability for a potential customer to find your intended conversion path very unlikely.

Today we would like to announce our partnership with Unbounce. Unbounce is a fast and powerful DIY landing page platform, that lets you create, publish and optimize landing pages without IT.

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ClickTale’s Top 5 Favorite Infographics (So Far)

Billy Attar
April 2, 2012

By Shara Matalon, Project Manager at ClickTale

Ever since opening our Pinterest account, we’ve been kvelling over the stunning infographics we’re finding.

Below is a list of our favorite infographics that we’ve found and pinned so far.


5. Social vs. Search

Social vs Search ClickTale’s Top 5 Favorite Infographics (So Far)Aside from the fab Mexican wrestler theme, this eye-catching infographic is quite insightful in its comparison of Social Media vs. Search Marketing. In assessing the productivity of each individually for different tasks (lead generation, brand awareness, business visibility and interactivity), the overall proven outcome is that Social Media and Search Marketing work best hand-in hand.

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