Calling All Heatmappers!

Ever wondered if you could get more out of your heatmaps? Ever wanted to get an expert opinion on exactly what your heatmaps are telling you? Well now you can, and what’s more, we’re offering it for free!

Mouse Move Heatmap
Our very own Shmuli Goldberg, ClickTale’s Senior Technology Evangelist and our resident heatmap guru, has a knack for getting heatmaps to sing like a canary, picking up on things that even expert users sometimes miss. This summer, he’ll be starting a weekly series on heatmap analysis, reviewing real user heatmaps and exposing their deepest darkest secrets. And he’ll be explaining exactly how he does it, every step of the way.


But we need your heatmaps! You’ll get a full expert heatmap review and a lovely mention on our blog. If you want your heatmaps to be reviewed by Shmuli, all you need to do is send us the following:

  1. A high quality screenshot of the original webpage to be analysed
  2. A Mouse Move, Click, Attention and Scroll Reach heatmap of that page (made up of at least 100 pageviews)
  3. A brief description of the page or site

Obviously any additional information would be great and the more pageviews the better! Just send everything along to:

This is gonna be fun…