Out with the Old: ClickTale Releases Integration with Google Content Experiments

July 30, 2012

Google Content Experiments Out with the Old: ClickTale Releases Integration with Google Content ExperimentsAs many of you may be aware, Google has decided to replace Google Website Optimizer with Google Content Experiments (GCE) as of August 1, 2012.

What this means for ClickTale users:

Those using GCE can continue using Google for managing their tests and ClickTale for evaluating how these tests affect visitor behavior. The full documentation can be found here.

If you haven’t been using ClickTale as part of your A/B testing process, now’s your chance to start. Being able to view how and why a specific test version succeeds, provides the key information needed for consistently improving test results.

You can read more about using ClickTale for your A/B testing on our blog or download our guide here.

Think You Know True User Experience? Watch This!

Alon Weinstein
July 25, 2012

So back in college, I don’t know about you, but final projects never resulted in something this awesome!! This just out of one of the hi-tech capitals and one of the best art and design schools in the world, grad students from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel are shocking and aweing with their futuristic video about to go viral!! This gives a whole new meaning to user experience.

sight Think You Know True User Experience? Watch This!

Very well done futuristic video revealing the "true-to-life" user experience by Bezalel Academy Students


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Now Available! Webinar Recording: The Road to Digital Intelligence

July 19, 2012

Beyond Web Analytics Now Available! Webinar Recording: The Road to Digital IntelligenceWeb analytics is great at telling us what happened, but an additional layer of contextual insight is required to evaluate how and why customers behave the way they do. Last week, ClickTale hosted a webinar explaining how leading online businesses are replacing web analytics with a more holistic Digital Intelligence approach that includes Interaction Analytics. Guest speakers included Forrester and Lenovo.

Download Webinar!

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Learn from the Pros: An invitation to The IBM Digital Conversion Summit

July 17, 2012


We’d like to invite all of our readers to the upcoming webinar being hosted by IBM. This is a great opportunity to learn how to improve your digital marketing and turn visitors into customers.


The webinar will cover:

  • Best practices for conversion optimization
  • How tag management will impact the future of marketing and analytics.
  • How you can use data extensions and tag management to be more agile in responding to change and real-time behavioral data to allow for new online marketing practices
  • Techniques using the IBM gold tag to address the needs of each stage of the funnel, from prospect to customer to loyal advocate

Panelists include ClickTale’s Sr. Product Evangelist, Shmuli Goldberg together with executives from three other IBM Certified Partners.


The webinar will be held on Thursday, July 26 at 10:00am PT.


Click here to view the rerording


Two-Step Form Redesign; Online Content Case Study with SEOgadget

July 10, 2012

Guest Post by SEOgadget.com

SEOgadget, a new ClickTale partner, had the opportunity to work with content website, ITHound, an industry leading business technology research library looking to improve performance on their website. They offer free technology whitepapers, analyst reports, case studies, product specs and webinars.


ITHound was having trouble increasing the number of sign-ups from the registration page.


To improve performance and understand what was happening on the registration page, SEOgadget needed to redesign the form layout and structure, as well as optimize the content on the page.
They decided to use the Conversion Funnel Drill-Down, to understand where users were dropping off on the way to registration and why. By watching actual Visitor Recordings at each funnel step, they could see how users were engaging with the registration form.

The primary tool used for optimization was Form Analytics which provided a more in-depth view of visitor interaction within the form.

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Top Highs and Lows of Google’s New Mobile App Tracking

July 5, 2012

Listen by Johan Larsson Top Highs and Lows of Googles New Mobile App TrackingNow, it’s Google’s turn to shake up the world of Mobile. On June 29th, the internet giant launched its own Mobile App Tracking, a short week after we announced our own mobile analytics. The solution, while it is still in closed beta and has not reached functional maturity, is a significant step forward for Google, and we at ClickTale highly recommend it!!

We are extremely pleased to see this coming out onto the app platform, and with our praise below, we also advise where there may be room for improvement.

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Going Beyond Big Data

July 2, 2012

Guest Post By Pere Rovira, Elisa Group

Bigger than data

Whenever I kick off a client conversation about data-driven decision making, I ask the client to give me three concrete examples where analytics significantly helped increase revenue, reduce costs or improve customer satisfaction, i.e. the three most fundamental KPIs to any business. Some clients use Google Analytics while others spend a fortune on Omniture or Coremetrics, analytics solution providers that perform advanced statistical analysis with complex, expensive business intelligence software packages. However, all of them have something in common: when you ask about concrete examples with numerical results attached to them, they have a hard time providing you with three examples.

The problem is not big data: the problem is bigger than data. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in data and I am convinced that data-driven insights lead to a better world; and particularly, to a better website, app or marketing campaign. But data does not lead to insights automatically. There are two main blockers to transforming data into insights: data visualisation and resistance to change. The rest of the article will deal with them.

State Route 12 by Wolfgang Staudt1 Going Beyond Big Data

The problem is not big data: the problem is bigger than data.

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