Utilizing Your Website as a Research Platform

Guest Post by Warp™

Your website is your research platform.

Let that thought settle in for a moment.

Your website is your research platform.

This is significant because your online visitors and potential customers are right there on your website, narrating exactly how they engage, use and benefit from your content. Unfortunately, if your view of Web research is limited to site traffic counts and basic conversion rates, you are missing a huge chunk of their story and the opportunity to learn the wants, needs and experiences of your customers.

3 Fundamentals of Usability Research

At Usability Sciences, we’ve conducted usability research for 24 years and online research for the last 12 years. We know that site visitor research is the foundation for:

1) Better user experiences
2) An engaged and responsive business
3) Strengthening of your brand

3 Obstacles of Usability Research

However, there are often obstacles that prevent online businesses from realizing the full potential of their research platform. They include:

1) Deployment and redeployment of tools. These processes are often painful and sometimes slow. The delays between the decision to do research and the implementation of that research on your site can be critical. Business questions come up every day, but IT deployments can take weeks or months.

2) Intercepting real users on website. This tends to be an enterprise-level challenge. You’re often on your own to develop sampling rules and design cross-browser compatible intercept methods that invite users without annoying them.

3)Abundance of tools. The more tools you use on your site, the more you need a clear overview of all of your research initiatives.

Online Research Made Easy

This is why Usability Sciences is releasing their new self-serve product called Warp™. Warp eliminates the role of IT and the need for JavaScript from your customer research life cycle with a single simple tag** for your site and a dynamic research deployment and management system. Through a simple point and click interface accessible via your smart phone, you get to choose when, where, and how ClickTale gets deployed on your website. You can also start other supported research like online-surveys or advanced analytics such as MixPanel to augment the data you collect.

Learn More

To learn more about Warp, see our announcement post. If you are a current ClickTale customer and interested in being a beta user for Warp, go to the beta sign-up page.

**Any special implementation steps needed to support ClickTale will still need to be taken the first time you implement the product using Warp.